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The Wounded Warrior Project Receives a Special Gift from Jacuzzi

Last week, at the 2010 Navistar LPGA Classic held at the RTJ Golf Trail in Pratville, AL, Jacuzzi contributed a J-365™ hot tub to the Wounded Warrior Project. WWP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan charity of the Navistar LPGA Classic and serves three purposes:


Stretching and Recovery Bring New Beginnings

Including Maintenance and Discipline Into Efforts Proves Easier Training

Nick Pabarcus, Team Jacuzzi®

Profession: Sales Manager, Bank of America Home Loans & Insurance Division

Family: Wife, Amy, Daughter, Zoe (age 3) and son, Noah (age 1)

Reason you are racing: Pact with a friend to run one marathon per year.

Running history: Las Vegas will be my 8th full marathon. I’ve run one per year for the last eight years with times ranging from 4:20-5:55

At the age of 35, with a frame of 6’6’’ and a bit over 230 pounds to start this endeavor, there is really no reason why I should be running at all!


Meet Team Jacuzzi®

Introducing Our Dedicated Group of Runners

Meet Team Jacuzzi, six very different individuals preparing for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon & 1/2 Marathon this December. Team Jacuzzi participants come from various health backgrounds, yet they all strive for wellness and balance in their lives.


Team Jacuzzi® Warms Up For a Marathon

Have you always wanted to run in a Marathon? Curious about training, recovery and routine?

Join us as we follow a varying group of men and women training for the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. Team Jacuzzi participants will blog and post videos on individual training progress over the next few months leading to the big event in December.

Hot Tub Therapy Provides Arthritis Relief

Hydrotherapy is Often Recommended to Arthritis Patients

hot tub therapyThose who struggle with arthritis know that even the simplest daily activities can be very painful. Even minor arthritis pain can cause stiff joints and decreased mobility that make buttoning a shirt or starting the car very difficult. Of course there are many assumptions out there about how to lessen the pain of arthritis, but the irrefutable benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy have held true for centuries.

Hydrotherapy is the use of water to relieve physical discomfort with its therapeutic functions varying with temperature. Hot water has long been prescribed for its ability to relieve bodily discomfort, such as muscle soreness, arthritis, and back pain, and is often recommended to expedite recovery from injuries. Researchers also conclude that hydrotherapy facilitates the removal of lactic acid, opens blood vessels for better circulation, aids the flow of endorphins, and relaxes the muscles surrounding arthritic joints.


iPod®, iPhone®, iPad®, iWant It!

Attention Apple® Geeks!

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs invites you to take advantage of our special offer to relax and unwind at your pad!

Now through September 15, 2010, Jacuzzi Hot Tubs will be giving out $500 Apple gift cards with the purchase of a Jacuzzi J-400 Designer Collection hot tub.

We conducted Facebook and Twitter polls asking “If Jacuzzi gave you an Apple gift card worth $500, what Apple brand products would you use it towards? A brand new iPod perhaps?”


Healthy Sleep Tips

10 Tips from the National Sleep Foundation to Help You Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep

Did you know the word “insomnia” means “no sleep” in Latin?

As a friend of the National Sleep Foundation on Facebook, I frequently view their posts on sleep-related education and research. Recently, a particular post caught my eye: Healthy Sleep Tips. I, for one, have no trouble falling asleep, but I have a very difficult time staying asleep and feeling refreshed when I wake up. Friends of JacuzziOfficial reported to get an average of 4-6 quality hours of sleep. I typically get four quality hours of sleep a night even though I am in bed for eight hours, my sleep is never deep and continuous. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “throughout adulthood, even as we get older, we need 7-9 hours of sleep.”

For you tired, sleep deprived individuals, I give you the National Sleep Foundation’s Healthy Sleep Tips:


Hot Tub Health Benefits

Hot Tubs Promote Overall Wellness

Hot Tub Hydromassage
We’ve all experienced the soothing effects of sitting in a hot tub, but do we understand what makes it feel so great? Just as the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians believed in the healing power of hydrotherapy, we know that the relaxing heat and jet-driven water does wonders to relieve physical burdens while decreasing stress levels, but how? Here, we will discuss the many benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy, and how they promote the body’s natural healing processes.

1.       Pain Relief: Hydrotherapy is the use of water to relieve physical discomfort, but the temperature of the water used plays an important role in the therapeutic properties of the treatment.  Hot water has long been sought after for its ability to relieve bodily discomfort, such as muscle soreness, arthritis, and back pain, and is often recommended to expedite recovery from injuries. Researchers conclude that hot tub hydrotherapy facilitates the removal of lactic acid, opens blood vessels for better circulation, aids the flow of endorphins, and relaxes the soft tissue surrounding arthritic joints. In combination with heat, factory-built hot tubs with their myriad jets can improve joint and muscular functions by directing hot jet-driven water to specific trouble points or pressure points in the hands and feet.


Outdoor Hot Tubs Promote Quality Family Time

An Outdoor Spa Helps the Family Reconnect

Outdoor hot tubsConsumer research indicates that parents spend real quality time with their kids in their outdoor hot tubs; my family can attest to that. Once you buy an outdoor spa, it may well become a central part of your lifestyle. My family considers our hot tub the central hub of the backyard. Even when we aren’t in the outdoor hot tub, it’s still a beautiful focal point and water feature, especially at night. Outdoor hot tubs often facilitate family entertainment, enjoyment and bonding. The main reason my husband and I considered an outdoor hot tub was for family togetherness. As a full time working mom with three active kids and a full time working husband, I often find it very challenging to spend quality, relaxing time with my family. Between my job, my husband’s job, and the kids’ sports and parties, we are always on the go and don’t make time to enjoy not having anywhere to go or anyone to see. I really do cherish lazy days at home and being able to hang out in the outdoor hot tub with my daughters and husband. Our outdoor spa has provided us many opportunities to regroup, chat, and just enjoy each other’s company without the TV, computer or phone.


Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis Sufferers Use Hot Tub Therapy for Pain Relief

arthritis pain reliefRecently, I have been reading chatter on various social media networks regarding arthritis pain relief. So, I put out the following question to our Twitter and Facebook followers:

Have you used massage and/or hot water therapy for arthritis pain relief? Tell us your experience.

We received several replies from people suffering from arthritis of various forms and severity. Responses praised hot water therapy as a highly effective way to relieve joint pain, stiffness, swelling and inflammation from this chronic condition. Jacuzzi® Office Manager and IT Administrator, Nancy Powers, has suffered from osteoarthritis for several years, so I asked her to talk about it.

“Out of all the methods I have used including deep tissue massage, a heating pad around various parts of my body, etc., hot tub therapy works best, hands down. Chronic pain is exhausting. Warm water jets are reviving; they provide fast and relaxing arthritis pain relief. Being in massaging hot water is like heaven for my joints. My arthritis is not only in one part of my body, it’s all over, so being able to submerge my entire body in invigorating hot water is an extremely desirable method of arthritis pain relief for me.”



A Welcome Blog from Jacuzzi North America President, Bob Rowan

Jacuzzi® Officially Announces New Blog and Social Media Profiles

Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have reached a critical mass as a place where people from around the world come together to share news, ideas and information on a variety of topics. I’ve come to realize that there are many homeowners out there who are using blogs and these platforms to talk about wellness, backyard improvements, hot tubs and whirlpool baths. It is exciting to see so many conversations!

I have a few profiles on different sites that allow me to follow the latest news and keep up with my friends and family. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in blogging, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but I recognize that it is a great way for me and our team to communicate directly with you about our great bath and hot tub collections.


Hot Tub Filters: Changed Yours Lately?

Why You Should Use Only Genuine Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Filters

Hot Tub Filters: All filtration systems are not the same. Neither are all filters. Don’t be fooled by “generic replacement filters” or “imitations” instead of genuine Jacuzzi®  Hot Tub filters. Non-genuine hot tub filters may be less expensive, but using them could prove to be very costly to you in terms of performance and overall value. Using non-genuine Jacuzzi® hot tub filters may also void your warranty.

Your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub is an investment, and like any investment, proper and regular maintenance of your hot tub will help it retain its beauty and performance. Your authorized Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs dealer can supply you with all of the information and supplies you need.

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