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Healthy Living for Every Body

Employees Work Out at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

Now is the perfect time to focus on health and wellness since the month of February is American Heart Month. Encouraging living well and exercise is a natural for a hot tub company that makes products designed to promote health and wellness. Here at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, employees have the opportunity to attend company sponsored fitness classes. Classes are conveniently held in our multi-purpose room, welcome all fitness levels and are led by one of our very own. Brianna Armstrong, who works in our finance department, is also a certified fitness instructor and health enthusiast.

What classes do you offer as part of the employee program?
I teach three to four classes per week including yoga, Piloxing and boot camp. I plan on teaching barre classes in the future and due to popular request, I have also considered adding a lunchtime yoga class for those who cannot make it to class after work.

What is your goal for the employees who are participating in the classes?
My goal is to get employees moving, show them they can exercise and have fun while doing it. Not only do I want them to see improvements in their physical appearance but I’d also like to see an improvement in each participant’s overall wellness…lower stress, more energy, improved mood, better sleep, etc.

Improve your overall wellness. Relax lower stress, increase energy, improve your mood and sleep better with hot tub hydrotherapy.Download a Jacuzzi® hot tubs brochure now.

Teaching group fitness classes is a way for me to reach all types of people and encourage them to live healthier. There are so many excuses when it comes to exercising like no time, too expensive, too far, inconvenient, not coordinated, not flexible, out of shape and the list goes on. No matter what age, skill level, physical shape you’re in, you CAN exercise.


Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Launches New Site

Hot Tub Website Redesign Includes Improved Functionality and Easy Navigation

Have you visited the all-new Jacuzzi Hot Tubs website yet? Take a look, the first thing you’ll notice is the fresh, sophisticated design, loaded with photos that pull you into the Jacuzzi hot tub experience. The redesigned site has convenient new features that make it easier to find a specific hot tub or other information. Visit the new website now

Here’s what to look for on our new site:

  • Intuitive search options. Now you can find the hot tub that is right for you various ways:
    -Number of Seats: Select a small hot tub that seat four or fewer people or choose a large hot tub that can fit over six people.
    -Best Selling: Browse our best selling hot tubs. These popular spas are perfect for entertaining and offer a wide range of features.

The “Original” Jacuzzi® Brand Hot Tub

Hot Tub Innovators Revolutionized an Industry

Jacuzzi trivia anyone?

Question: What did the Jacuzzi brothers invent that earned them a gold medal at the California State Fair in 1930?

Answer: The Jacuzzi brothers received a Gold Medal Award for their invention – a new type of pump that drew water out of the ground more efficiently than any pump that came before it. They successfully revolutionized hydraulic pumps used for agriculture.

By the 1950s, the Jacuzzi brothers utilized their expertise in hydraulics to benefit a young family member stricken with painful rheumatoid arthritis. They created an aerating pump designed to be submerged in a bathtub to provide pain-relieving hydrotherapeutic treatments.

Question: What is the name of this portable pump?

Answer: The J-300™ turned normal bath tubs into relaxing and rejuvenating hydro-therapeutic home spas. The idea started a niche market and Jacuzzi became a household name.

To many people, the Jacuzzi brand is synonymous with portable hot tubs. With their ingenious methods of moving water with water, the Jacuzzi brothers revolutionized the pump industry and provided the foundation for the jet pump industry in today’s portable hot tubs.

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Which Hot Tub is Right for You?

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs FREE Brochure Will Help You Decide Which Spa Fits Your Needs and Lifestyle

Hot Tub Shopping? Can’t decide which hot tub is right for you?

Download a FREE Jacuzzi hot tubs brochure now!

We categorize our wide selection of hot tubs and spas into four specific collections:

The Jacuzzi J-LX™ Collection
Experience famous Jacuzzi® patented-jet hydrotherapy in hot tubs that maximize energy efficiency. Fresh styling includes a new, patented top-deck design that eliminates exposed acrylic.

The Jacuzzi J-400™ Designer Collection
Jacuzzi Hot Tubs’ J-400 Designer Collection breaks the mold with the hot tub designs. Step into a Jacuzzi J-400 and let the inventors of the modern hot tub help you step outside the box. In creating the J-400 Collection, Jacuzzi hot tub designers and engineers were inspired to rethink traditional design.


Thinking About Buying an Outdoor Hot Tub?

Winter is a Great Time to Buy

outdoor hot tub

More often than you might imagine, people think about purchasing outdoor hot tubs in the wintertime when retailers offer great deals and home owners can take advantage of the cool, crisp air to enjoy their outdoor hot tub. Many people start thinking about purchasing an outdoor hot tub in early spring in order to have one installed and ready to use in time for summer. A Jacuzzi® outdoor spa is great for summer parties, but during the cold months of the year, a warm-water hydromassage is ideal for both therapy and relaxation.


Buying a Hot Tub: Hot Tub Maintenance

Hot Tub Maintenance: How Do I Keep the Water Clean?

hot tub maintenance - water

Submerging in crystal clear water is exactly what you want. Some chemicals will be necessary to achieve clean water, but you can significantly reduce the use of chemicals in several ways.


Jacuzzi to Rock ‘n’ Roll in Vegas!

Health and Wellness Start With Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi Sport: Hydrotherapy

To Deal or Not to Deal?

That is the Question!

Let's Make a Deal

Kenya traded her trip to Mazatlan, Mexico (worth $7,260) for a chance at The Big Deal worth $24,380!


Let’s Make a Deal

Did Raul Win the Jacuzzi® J-210™ Hot Tub?

On Monday’s (11/14/11) Let’s Make a Deal, Raul traded his trip to New York City for a chance at The Big Deal worth more than $25,000.

Jacuzzi® J-210™ hot tub

Hot Tubs and Patriots


Buying a Hot Tub: Hot Tub Cabinets

What is Better, Synthetic or Wood Hot Tub Cabinets?

synthetic hot tub cabinets


Checking in with Jason of Team Jacuzzi

Jason Rossiter – One Year Later


It’s been just over one year since my wife and I became a part of Team Jacuzzi and began incorporating hydrotherapy into the training program for the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon. One year later, we both continue to cross-train by running, lifting weights and chasing around our two young daughters.   While we don’t plan on running another marathon or half marathon, we have increased our weekly fitness regimen because our bodies continue to recover faster. We feel that the hydrotherapy benefits of the weekly usage of our Jacuzzi® spa have been a big part of this recovery process.

Aside from the hydrotherapy aspect, I continue to use the spa on a personal/social basis with my two daughters. They love the bubbles, disco style lights, and listening to Katie Perry as they turn my relaxing spa into a rave for 4 and 6 year olds! As the fall weather begins to cool, the more my daughters continue to ask to go “jacuzzing”.

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