Winter is a Great Time to Buy

outdoor hot tub

More often than you might imagine, people think about purchasing outdoor hot tubs in the wintertime when retailers offer great deals and home owners can take advantage of the cool, crisp air to enjoy their outdoor hot tub. Many people start thinking about purchasing an outdoor hot tub in early spring in order to have one installed and ready to use in time for summer. A Jacuzzi® outdoor spa is great for summer parties, but during the cold months of the year, a warm-water hydromassage is ideal for both therapy and relaxation.

The benefits of Jacuzzi hot tub hydrotherapy may be even greater when the temperature drops. Most people, myself included, tend to be less active and spend more time indoors when it’s cold outside. With a Jacuzzi outdoor spa, you can get outside, and stretch and relax in the comfort of the warm water of your hot tub.

Jacuzzi’s energy efficient outdoor hot tubs also help save on operating costs in winter. Models are equipped with advanced control panels that can be programmed for cold-weather energy-efficient settings, and the optional factory-installed SmartSeal™ insulation (available on J-400™ and J-300™ Collection models) holds in heat to further reduce energy consumption.

Those who wish to “wet test” a water-filled hot tub before purchasing can do so year ‘round at many Jacuzzi dealers’ showrooms. Local Jacuzzi dealers are experts on how to care for outdoor hot tubs and they are the best source for information about special financing and other offers.

Jacuzzi hot tub owners who live in cold climates use their outdoor hot tubs at home all winter. After outdoor activities, the hydrotherapy in outdoor hot tubs is great for recovering faster, improving circulation, increasing energy levels, and promoting a good night’s sleep.

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