How-to’s from the Customer Showcase

Jacuzzi® hot tub owners Barry and Patti Wilson of Newcastle, Ontario didn’t know their backyard was going to be a case study. But we think their Jacuzzi J-400™ Collection hot tub installation provides lots of good summer backyard ideas.

Create a fresh, seasonal environment around your hot tub
For example, note the palms near the hot tub, their green leaves framing the sparkling water of the hot tub. The Wilson’s home is located in Newcastle, Ontario, which is situated on the northern shore of Lake Ontario – not a place where palms grow naturally. Bringing in palm plants during the summer can calm the spirit with visions of tropical climates, and it’s an inexpensive way to create a fresh, seasonal environment around your hot tub.

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Protection from the sun
For shelter from direct rays of the summer sun, set up a spa umbrella. It showcases your outdoor hot tub as a distinct setting, and can make your hot tub more comfortable all day long. Talk to your Jacuzzi Hot Tubs dealer about finding the perfect hot tub umbrella.

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Cover up
Don’t forget the hot tub cover. Early summer is a good time to check the condition of your hot tub’s cover. Built to last for years, hot tub covers will eventually show signs of wear from the sun, wind, rain and snow. If yours is sagging or starting to deteriorate, it won’t hold in the heat or keep out dirt as well. If your outdoor hot tub cover doesn’t need to be replaced, remember to keep it looking good and protect it with just a little maintenance this summer.

Take a look at all of the beautiful backyards in our Customer Showcase for more ideas on how to show off your hot tub this summer. And thanks to Barry and Patti Wilson, who wrote, “We transformed our backyard from a space we rarely used to an oasis where we can escape the world. We now are in the backyard everyday to use the hot tub.”