Nick Pabarcus – Team Jacuzzi

Several months after the TEAM Jacuzzi experience, it has been a great time to circle back and reflect. While I had run several marathons prior to the 2010 Las Vegas race, I had never trained or been associated with a group to share the experience like with TEAM Jacuzzi. The additional motivation was certainly felt as there were tollgates with the video blog and keeping up with the other athletes and their progress drove a bit more training and focus than normal.

For those of you who are familiar with my previous blogs and videos, running has not been a primary exercise and I normally just “bite the bullet” and train a bit for the once-a-year marathon with my longtime friend. The TEAM Jacuzzi experience had me seeing that I can incorporate 10-15 miles a week into my normal exercise routine and have really seen benefits there. I have not entered any more races as it is a moral imperative to only do one per year, but we are looking at the Phoenix Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in January as the next obstacle.

The actual Jacuzzi® hot tub has become a part of everyday life at our house. Whether it be a quick soak after volleyball, boxing, a run, or just going in to relax, myself and family are in a minimum of 5 times per week. I have been pleasantly surprised at how little hot tub maintenance is needed and how quickly you can jump in and out with little or no set up. I probably invest maybe 20 minutes per week into chemicals and cleaning, but other than that it is almost self maintaining.

In addition, it has really become a centerpiece for the family. My two children (ages 4 and 2) have really grown accustomed to having the Jacuzzi hot tub being one of their places to play. A few water toys and a couple of sets of goggles and they are literally having a blast for an hour (fully supervised, of course). It has been remarkable how having them in the unit several times per week along with swimming lessons has dramatically increased their comfort level and proficiency in the water. That alone gives my wife and I piece of mind not only in our hot tub but in pools and oceans that the kids have had the water exposure needed for safety.

To round up, the TEAM Jacuzzi experience was amazing. Not only have I been made a believer in the product, but the people and support around the product have made me a raving fan. The athletic benefit has been only slightly outweighed by the sheer pleasure and relaxation of a good soak after a long day!

Watch a 2010 video of Nick discussing training and hydrotherapy massage.

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