For this summer’s neighborhood block party, consider bringing the fun from the front yard to the backyard. After all, that is where you have the perfect setup for entertaining with your hot tub area. Collaborate with your neighbors and make this year’s community party go down in the history books.


Round up a party planning committee and determine which neighbors want to open up their yards for the celebration. Once you know the homes that are participating, create a game plan based on the outdoor spaces. Consider making each home a different theme; your backyard can obviously be the spa spot, the home with the outdoor pool can be the luau area, and the yard with the fire pit can be the campfire site.

Inviting Guests

Send out invitations at least two to three weeks in advance of the shindig. Notify the guests about which homes are participating and what to expect at each location. Don’t forget to remind them to wear swimsuits and suggest BYOM (bring your own marshmallows) for the fire pit.

Creating the Theme

Since your backyard will open the gates to a relaxing oasis, strive to make the ambience serene and peaceful. Place aromatherapy liquid fragrances and crystals in your tub to encourage relaxation. Stream calming music through your speakers, light candles, and offer fluffy towels to guests. Don’t make it too luxurious though, or your neighbors may just start knocking on your door for a dip every day.

Keeping it Under Control

Contact your local community officials to see if you need to register the neighborhood block party or acquire a permit. Be sure to follow any rules and guidelines concerning noise levels and lights-out time.  As for your backyard space, create a glass-free area around the tub, prevent guests from eating in the spa, and keep an eye on any slippery wet spots on the patio.

Turn up the fun on your next neighborhood block party and let your guests make a splash in your backyard hot tub.