Hydrotherapy Helps Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain Common to Golfers

Are you aware that August is National Golf Month? I’d like to wish golfers and golf enthusiasts out there Happy National Golf Month!

My son has been home from college the past few weeks for summer break. When he is visiting, we usually make time for a few rounds of golf at a local course as an opportunity to catch up while playing a sport we both enjoy. Last week we played Strawberry Farms Golf Course in Orange County, California. We had a fantastic time on the course as usual, but later in the day and the following morning was different story – at least for my muscles! My back and legs were stiff and sore! I’m not sure when this started to happen (I turned 50 last month), but activities like golf affect me much more than they did in my younger years.

Why didn’t I soak in my J-375 portable spa the morning prior to golfing and again afterwards? I could have avoided the muscle soreness and pain with a warm and massaging dip in the spa. Typically, I jump in the hot tub the morning I go golfing, and I know it makes a big difference in helping me feel loose on the first tee. And after the game, it is a great way to relax and help muscles recover, which makes getting out of bed the next day a lot easier!

The next time I plan on golfing, I will be sure to get a hot water massage in my spa before and after I play. Caroline Nichols, LPGA Sports Medicine Director sums it well. “Injuries to the lower back, neck and shoulders are common in our sport and I often recommend hydrotherapy to our players as part of an overall treatment plan. The hot tub and bath products from Jacuzzi specifically focus on the muscles and joints in these areas. They provide a great way for professional and amateur athletes alike to experience the benefits of hydrotherapy in the convenience of their home.”

Many golfers already know the benefits of hot tub therapyon their muscles. Golfers and golf enthusiasts can learn more about hydrotherapy at upcoming LPGA events in Portland, OR and Winnipeg, MB, Canada where Jacuzzi is the official hot tub and bathtub of the LPGA.

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