Assistant Professor, Wife, Mom and Soccer Coach Seeks Stress Relief During Marathon Training

Christie Engesser Cesar, Team Jacuzzi

Profession: Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, Chapman University

Family: Husband, Ben; Daughters, Malea (age 6) and Naomi (20 months); Son, Avery (age 4)

Reason you are racing: Because I can!

Running history: This will be my first “race” over 5K. My goal is to run at a 7:30 mile pace, with a finishing time of ~1:38.

Now that I have three active kids, a full time job as an assistant professor in a doctoral program and a husband, I am sensitive to the physiological stress that comes with adding a training program to an already busy schedule. I know that for me, using the hot tub is going to give me a regular outlet to take some quiet time for myself.

This is going to keep me on pace to meet my goal for the Las Vegas Half Marathon. Already this week, I added in 2 workouts – a 3-mile tempo run and an interval workout on the treadmill (5 x 1200 m with 2 minutes rest) to the Jacuzzi Spa For Christiesteady runs that have been the focus of my training thus far.

The Jacuzzi spa is a form of therapy that we often forget about in designing training programs. Having spent a couple of competitive seasons trying to juggle training with my PhD program and motherhood, I know very well what happens when I am on overload.  I don’t function.

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