Get to know your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub dealers and gain a little practical information on what you can expect when shopping for your hot tub with our dealer spotlight series.

For our latest installment, we spoke with Denise Orwat at New England Spas, which has three locations in Massachusetts and is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year:

Q: Tell me a little about New England Spas and what drew you to the hot tub industry.

Denise Orwat (DO): The owner of New England Hot Tubs (circa 1985) had been in the high-end home improvement business years earlier. The evolution began with energy-related products like solar hot water, solid fuel products, and energy-efficient window shades! He must have like the idea of staying in hot water!

I personally got into the industry when my best friend asked me if I could come and help her company sell hot tubs at their booth at The Big E State Fair in West Springfield. I ended up really enjoying selling hot tubs! The product itself is a blast to sell! After a few years of part-time employment, the dealer asked me to come on full time, and I said sure. The rest is history—I’ve been in the industry 19 years, and with New England Spas for 13 years.

Q: What is that special thing about your dealership that brings customers in and keeps them coming back?

DO: We have a very strong, positive reputation and history. We also have a great Web presence and a very solid referral base, as well as lots of repeat spa purchase business. By virtue of being as old as we are, we have customers that are coming back to us for their second or third hot tubs! We also employ very knowledgeable and fun people and we are open seven days a week.

Q:  Why do you encourage customers to come into a dealership to purchase a hot tub?

DO: We want them to see the product live and get their hands in front of those wonderful jets! We have several dry models folks can sit in to see if the hot tub they are considering is a good fit based on their height. We might even be able to get them to test soak one while they visit! You cannot do this if you are purchasing from a big box store or an online-only retailer.

Q: Are you selling the J-500™ Collection?

DO: We have it on the showroom floor, and we’ve sold a few already. People are absolutely mind-blown when they see it. It’s really a beautiful hot tub. It’s so sleek and is just a stunning product, very state-of-the-art. There’s nothing else out there like it.

Q: What are the questions you hear most frequently at your dealership?

DO: The top question is price. Other than that, we primarily get installation and maintenance questions. How soon can we get our spa? How is it delivered? What do I need for power, and what’s the maintenance like? Where should I put this thing?

Q: Is there something you do to help with installation or maintenance?

DO: Yes! First, we spend a lot of time in the beginning asking the right questions. Post sale, each customer fills out a sheet describing their delivery situation, which generates conversation as to the details of their backyard. Our delivery crews are fantastic, and they can look at those notes and decide on how to best deliver the hot tub. We also have an incredible electrician we’ve been recommending for years—he’s done thousands of our installs. He not only wires the tub, but also makes sure it’s running before he leaves.

We also email customers a pre-delivery guide. They really have one-stop shopping at our dealership, and we want them to leave happy.

For customers who prefer a “hands-off” approach to ownership, we offer valet services. They can purchase a pre-set package of services such as weekly visits for water care or simply draining/cleaning and refilling the spa a few times per year.

Q: Are you noticing any trends? Do you have any predictions as far as what you think will be the next big thing?

DO: Hmmm….the next big thing? I’m hesitant to make predictions, because I’ve been in this business a long time! I can tell you that the average consumer is starting to buy bigger ticket spas and buy the extras like Bluetooth Music or surround systems to enhance the look of the hot tub in the backyard.

We are seeing more and more folks purchasing hot tubs for the therapeutic aspect it provides.This is how we want our customer to view our spas, so we’re pleased with what’s happening right now.

About Denise Orwat



Denise has been helping people find the perfect hot tub for their homes for 19 years. Thirteen of those years have been with New England Spas, the Northeast’s premier Jacuzzi dealer with locations in Natick, Norwell and Auburn.

New England Spas is familiar with the Jacuzzi brand and heritage—having been a displaying dealer as early as 2004.  A vintage 1950s working-Jacuzzi bath pump is on display in the Auburn showroom! New England Spas has also been a consistent recipient of customer service awards from both Jacuzzi and Sundance Spas for over 25 years.


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