Jacuzzi Introduces the Addition of Energy Efficient Spas

J-LX CollectionWow, what a great response to our first introduction to Jacuzzi’s new product in a previous blog last month. Within 4 days, the blog received nearly 3 dozen shares on Facebook and Twitter!

I would like to proudly share with blog readers the official reveal of Jacuzzi’s newest addition to the hot tub line-up, the LX® Collection. On our website, you can now learn about the J-LX® and J-LXL® spas that make up the added collection.

The new hot tub collection was created in response to feedback collected by Jacuzzi’s research teams. The main question asked of research group participants:

“Aside from an amazing massage experience, what do you desire most in a hot tub?” Energy efficiency was listed as the number one desirable hot tub feature. Both spas in the new collection save more on operating costs than any other hot tub in their class with an estimated standby monthly operating cost under $11.00 (60°F / 15°C)!

Let’s talk about my favorite feature of the spas- style. You may notice the difference in styling that sets the LX Collection apart from the existing Jacuzzi hot tub models. When I was first introduced to the LX Collection, by Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Senior Product Manager, Larry Ovalle, I was intrigued by the unique sophisticated look and feel of the new spas. “This collection was designed for easy integration into any backyard. Nature toned cabinetry finish mimics the look of modern furniture and the touch of stainless steel provides the perfect contemporary accent.” Additional design elements include:

  • Multi-tier, comfortable cool-down seat for easier spa entry/exit and added safety
  • Super-soft new pillow design
  • Softly filtered LED lighting
  • Streamlined, intuitive control panel system

The LX® Collection delivers signature Jacuzzi innovation:

  • More jets, smartly positioned for extraordinary hydrotherapy
  • New, more naturally comfortable pillow design
  • Filtered LED lighting adds color and a soft glow
  • Underwater diverter allows easier jet-flow control

Don’t forget hot tub accessories to compliment your new LX® spa. Quality options, like our ProEndure™ covers and ProStep™ steps for easy entry are available. I especially like the steps, which double as storage and a towel holder.

Learn more about the J-LX® Collection on our website. We’d love to hear what you think. Send comments to hot-tub-blog@jacuzzi.com.