The J-500™ Collection provides beautiful aesthetics and the most advanced hydromassage available. It also includes the cutting-edge ProTouch™ Control Panel, which works with the ProLink™ app so you can remotely monitor your hot tub, set reminders, and heat up the water from just about anywhere.

Remote Hot Tub Monitoring

The J-500™ Collection is the total package: beauty and brains! Along with its stunning design, unrivaled hydromassage, new wrist jets, and an upgraded therapy seat, J-500™ Hot Tubs boast the latest technology.

These hot tub models are the first in the industry to integrate a full-color glass touchscreen interface and the ProTouch™ Control Panel, which utilizes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with the brand-new ProLink Remote Monitoring System app.

The ProLink™ app is currently available—free for the first year—on both iOS and Android systems. After downloading the app on your smart device, simply connect your hot tub to your home Wi-Fi, create an account, and log in.

The most important feature of this app is that it keeps an eye on your hot tub, so you can manage your hot tub easily and worry less. Quickly and efficiently, the app takes the guesswork out of maintenance and provides updates you need to care for your hot tub.

Automated Maintenance Notifications

The ProLink™ app conveniently displays maintenance notifications, such as shorted flow switches or freeze conditions, so you can quickly tend to concerns and help your hot tub run newer, longer. It also features timers and controls, which show the number of days remaining until basic maintenance is required.

Ultimate Control and Convenience

From the app, you can adjust your spa’s temperature, so your hot tub will always be ready when you need it. You can even set a time for your primary filtration cycles to start and end, or use the “Away” option to set your spa to vacation mode.

Wouldn’t you love to unwind in your perfectly heated spa as soon as you get home from work? You can do that too, with the Jacuzzi® Brand ProLink™ app. It lets you control individual jets and lights to create the perfect spa ambiance. The ProLink™ Remote Monitoring System takes the guesswork out of hot tub maintenance, so you can focus on the fun.

The Newest Technology

The J-500™ Collection brings unique design and new technology to the industry. The ProTouch™ Control Panel is at the front line of hot tub innovation, providing control over temperature, lighting, hydromassage, and even music on a convenient, glass waterproof touch display. The ProLink™ Remote Monitoring System enhances the control panel even further, allowing you sit back and let the app take care of all the details. See your authorized Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs dealer for more on the latest hot tub products.