A Custom Built Addition Enhances Ambiance and Serves as Entertainment Centerpiece

Spa Owner: Michael & Donna L.
Hot Tub Installation Location: Grandview Heights, OH
Dealer: All Seasons Spas, Inc.
Spa Model: J-365

    • Why did you choose to purchase a Jacuzzi brand hot tub versus another brand? Jacuzzi is synonymous with quality and reputation. Furthermore, our hot tub was a Jacuzzi 50th Anniversary model, and I had just celebrated my 50th birthday, so “it was meant to be.” No deliberation was needed.


  • Why did you choose to install it in this location? We had a gazebo built, adjacent to our in-ground pool, and nestled under a canopy of trees. The gazebo affords privacy, protection from, and even enjoyment of snow and rain while in the spa!
  • What benefits do you receive from hot tub ownership? Because we live in Ohio where our “warm weather” months are still sometimes cooler, rainy or cloudy, we are able to entice guests to use the pool because the “reward” afterward is a soak in the hot tub! Also, I enjoy landscaping and gardening on our large property, but am often very sore after spending full days outside, so the hot tub is instant, gratifying relief for my efforts. It is a beautiful and complementary addition to the gazebo, pool and house.
  • How do you use your hot tub the most? i.e. entertaining, arthritis therapy, relaxing etc. We use our hot tub for everything, and year-round too, since it is covered by the gazebo and bordered by a fence and trees on two sides. It is quite serene and relaxing, whether watching the snow gently fall around, or listening to the birds chirp. Because I have osteoarthritis, it is immediate and soothing therapy at the end of a hard day’s work. We also host parties for friends, family and co-workers who enjoy it a lot. Even the guests who don’t use it still gather around it, instead of the patio, because they prefer the ambiance more!