Hydrotherapy Massage Used to Treat Pain Associated with Mobile Device Use

How many people out there are practically attached to their mobile devices? I admit it, I feel naked without my cell phone. I am constantly making calls, receiving calls, sending texts, checking my email, looking for information on the internet or dabbling with a new app. I get a lot done with my lovely, lovely iPhone. On the days when I log hours staring down at my phone, feverishly accomplishing tasks, I find that I have soreness in the back of my neck.

Have you experienced any pain related to heavy cell phone use? Based on a recent poll we put out to our, the majority of heavy cell phone users experience pain in these areas:

  • Hands, wrists and fingers
  • Neck and shoulders

Cell Phone-itis
With the prevalence of modern technology, our bodies are forced into various motions and positions for which they were not designed. Neck and wrist pain sparked by the use of cell phones is a good example. If you’re a texting fanatic, enjoy talking with friends and family, and use the phone for business, you may be one of thousands of people inflicted with this pain. The good news is that there are some steps you can take to relieve the pain. Relaxing with hydrotherapy massage is one of the best.

Hydrotherapy for your neck and wrists
When you use your cell phone for making calls and sending text messages, specific muscles and ligaments are repeatedly stretched and held in a single position. Spa hydrotherapy that targets the neck and wrists with a hydromassage created just for those specific areas can loosen the stiffness and kinks. While you’re enjoying your hot tub, try some stretching exercises, especially movements that relieve the over-worked muscles used for texting or holding a phone. They can help your body “relearn” its true range of motion.

Take a break
Taking a break is difficult for many busy people. The lure of the incoming messages is hard to ignore, but that is just what is needed. If you have a Jacuzzi® hot tub, the habit of hydrotherapy can be an enticement to take a time out from your wireless device. Hydrotherapy in a hot tub is the perfect excuse to get together and chat in person.

Some tips to keep in mind when you are using your cell phone:

  • Alternate between different styles of texting and holding the phone to keep muscles challenged and limber.
  • Try not to text with just your thumbs or hold the phone to your ear with your shoulder.
  • Use a headset or earbuds to go hands-free for calls whenever possible.

Regular hydrotherapy
If cell phone-itis is an accepted part of your life, it might be a good idea to make hot tub hydromassage part of it, too. Hydrotherapy is one of the best methods for relieving aches and pains and reducing stress. It can also give you a break from the phone.

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