You’ve had your hot tub for a few seasons now, and it’s been a popular spot for friends and family during your backyard parties. From your luaus to your star gazing sessions, your guests are beginning to wonder how you’ll top your last hot tub festivities.

While you still want to keep your hot tub as the center attraction at your backyard bashes this summer, why not update it with the hottest accessories on the market? Shift the focus from your waterproof hors d’oeuvres and beach-y cocktails and let your new hot tub additions be the life of the party instead. To ensure your next get-together is the talk of the town, check out our favorite spa accessories:

Floating Snack Tray

Getting out of the tub to grab a snack was so last season. This summer, look into adding a floating refreshments tray to your hot tub. This bobbing bar lets your guests nibble and sip without leaving the spa. Just remember to responsibly stock your snack tray, as alcohol can lead to dehydration and cracker crumbs can cause a gunky mess on the interior of your tub.

Sound System

Instead of climbing in and out of the tub every time you want to turn up your favorite song or lower the volume to better hear your guests, consider a waterproof sound system instead. Check out the selection of systems designed specifically for hot tubs, which allow you to control the music from the comfort of your spa. Whether you’re blaring tropical music or a party mix, your hot tub tunes will leave a lasting impression on all of your guests.

Spa Pillows

No one wants a crick in their neck as they’re soaking to relax. Add spa pillows to your hot tub setup to provide you and your guests with added comfort. The spa pillows, which adjust to accommodate any guest’s height, are an especially popular choice.

Hot Tub Aromatherapy

Scent is one of our most powerful memory triggers, so use it to your advantage at your next hot tub social gathering. Set the mood of your party with hot tub aromatherapy fragrances. From calming and relaxing scents to rejuvenating and energizing smells, these fragrances are the key to creating the ambience you have in mind.

Regardless of whether you want to host an unforgettable party or simply boost your solo relaxation, Jacuzzi® hot tub accessories may help you achieve the experience you’ve always wanted.