“My Time Off” Hot Tub Models

Calling all Weekend Warriors! All those who work hard Monday through Friday and need to de-stress on the weekend. You make time for backyard projects, maybe play a round of golf or shoot baskets with the kids, but most of all, you love entertaining and hanging out with family and friends on the weekends. There’s no better place to do that than your own backyard, in one of Jacuzzi’s amazing hot tub models!

The hot tub models in the Jacuzzi Collections are each designed to help you find the balance between pushing to be your best during the week and re-discovering your more playful side on the weekend. It starts with relaxation. All of our hot tub models treat you to an amazing patented-jet hydrotherapeutic massage, with warm water melting the tension away.

Michael B. from Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania, a J-345 owner, wrote to us about Jacuzzi weekends. “A hot tub attracts friends and relatives on the weekend. People want to hang out where they can relax at the same time. I found friends that I didn’t even know I had.”

Picture yourself in these Weekend Warrior scenarios:

  1. Friday night quiet time in your J-LX, one of the hot tub models from our newest collection, with fresh styling and energy efficient operation.
  2. Saturday morning: you overdo it on your morning jog and strain a calf muscle. Wouldn’t it feel good to slip into one of the hot tub models with lounge seating? Check out the J-LXL with leg jets targeted at the calves and hamstrings.
  3. Turn on the music, it’s Saturday night. Most Jacuzzi hot tub models have stereo options, plus spa lights with changing colors, and lighted waterfalls. The sound of the waterfall and the glowing spa lights create a beautiful backdrop for backyard parties, too.
  4. Lazy Sundays in a spa…if you don’t own a hot tub, this is a good day to think about the best hot tub model for your backyard. With an inviting spa as the focal point, your backyard can become a calm and simple retreat or an environment designed for entertaining.

One of our J-365 Jacuzzi big hot tub owners, Donna Lairmore of Grandview Heights, Ohio,
 writes: “…I enjoy landscaping and gardening on our large property, but am often very sore after spending full days outside, so the hot tub is instant, gratifying relief for my efforts. It is a beautiful and complementary addition to the gazebo, pool and house.”

Are you ready to become a Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Weekend Warrior? If you work hard, workout hard, and party harder, one of our hot tub models is going to fit your lifestyle perfectly.