Golfers Relax and Recover in Hot Tubs

We celebrate National Golf Month every August because we have so many hot tub owners who are also golfers. It makes sense because hot tubs and golf go together naturally. The therapeutic effects you get from a Jacuzzi hydromassage after a round on the course can help loosen up stiffness in your legs and back, relieve muscle pain and soreness, and promote relaxation and recovery. Also, before you hit the driving range or the front nine, take time for an invigorating massage session in your hot tub – your body will be warmed up and ready for the first swing of the day.

Part of our long association with golf has included teaming with the Ladies Professional Golf Association as the Official Bath and Hot Tub of the LPGA in 2010. People who attended were generally health conscious, and aware of a hot tub’s ability to relieve stress, along with the common injuries experienced by golfers: back pain, shoulder and knee pain and golfer’s elbow.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Regional Manager Jeff Wilson said, “I saw Jacuzzi as a great fit for this [golf] event, to many, an unexpected surprise and reminder of the healing benefits a hot tub provides to people faced with muscle soreness and fatigue.” Wilson noted that “several attendees were interested in hearing about the footmound jets; complaints about sore achy feet were heard all day.”

According to Jim Sueppel, Jacuzzi Hot Tubs National Sales Manager, the jets and seating in Jacuzzi hot tub spas allow you to target a hydromassage where you need it most. “Recovery time is reduced and golf experience and performance is improved because of restored strength and flexibility,” says Sueppel.

Does that mean that Jacuzzi hot tubs’ hydrotherapy can improve your golf game? You’ll just have to try it and see – happy August golfing!

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