Hot Tub Therapy Helps Athletes Relax and Recover

spa therapyFootball, football, football. Football season is well underway, especially at my house. My husband is in sports heaven, thrilled with his recent purchase of the NFL Sunday Ticket™. All you die hard football fans that spend all day in front of the television know what kind of ticket that it is. DirecTV® explains the promotional package as an opportunity to “feel every bone-crunching hit.” Ouch.

Football is a contact sport. As highly trained athletes sprint, push, leap, dodge and tackle each other, sore muscles are inevitable. James Collins, San Diego Chargers Head Athletic Trainer, explains, “Professional football players are tough on their bodies and deal with sore muscles on a consistent basis. A lot of athletes and athletic trainers know the benefits of cold water therapy. In addition, our staff often recommends
hot water therapy as well. Jacuzzi® hot tubs give you a variety of hydrotherapeutic massage types and are great to loosen up sore muscles and help your body relax and recover.”

As the Official Hot Tub of the San Diego Chargers, Jacuzzi promotes spa therapy to improve circulation, decrease joint pain, and accelerate the body’s natural healing processes. For all you pro athletes, amateur athletes and non athletes alike, we encourage you to Train Hard, Recover Faster.

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