Hydrotherapy is Often Recommended to Arthritis Patients

hot tub therapyThose who struggle with arthritis know that even the simplest daily activities can be very painful. Even minor arthritis pain can cause stiff joints and decreased mobility that make buttoning a shirt or starting the car very difficult. Of course there are many assumptions out there about how to lessen the pain of arthritis, but the irrefutable benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy have held true for centuries.

Hydrotherapy is the use of water to relieve physical discomfort with its therapeutic functions varying with temperature. Hot water has long been prescribed for its ability to relieve bodily discomfort, such as muscle soreness, arthritis, and back pain, and is often recommended to expedite recovery from injuries. Researchers also conclude that hydrotherapy facilitates the removal of lactic acid, opens blood vessels for better circulation, aids the flow of endorphins, and relaxes the muscles surrounding arthritic joints.

Following the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians who believed in the healing power of hydrotherapy, the first aerating pump was invented in 1956 by the Jacuzzi brothers. The portable pump was designed to be submerged in a bathtub to provide hydrotherapeutic arthritis pain relief, and has led the way for the best hot tub technology available today. In combination with heat, the jets of a hot tub improve joint and muscular functions by directing hot jet-driven water to specific pressure points.

Recorded in the Journal of Investigative Medicine in 1998, a study of aqua-thermal therapy confirmed the pain-relieving benefits of hot tubs for patients with osteoarthritis, a degenerative arthritis. The study found that the level of inflammatory agents which cause arthritis pain and joint destruction fell after three weeks of portable spa therapy. Additionally, the heat of hydrotherapy promotes blood flow while the jets decrease muscle tension and soothe sore joints.

In a survey conducted about treating arthritis with massages and/or hydrotherapy, one participant responded as follows: “Out of all the methods I have used including deep tissue massage, a heating pad around various parts of my body, etc., hot tub therapy works best, hands down. Chronic pain is exhausting. Warm water jets are reviving; they provide fast and relaxing arthritis pain relief. Being in massaging hot water is like heaven for my joints. My arthritis is not only in one part of my body, it’s all over, so being able to submerge my entire body in invigorating hot water is an extremely desirable method of arthritis pain relief for me.”

Arthritis patients praise hot water therapy as a highly effective way to relieve joint pain, stiffness, swelling and inflammation from this chronic condition, and prefer the best hot tub models that allow for a customized massage from adjustable jets, as well as control of the water temperature. While effectively relieving pressure on surrounding nerves, joints, and blood vessels, those who suffer from arthritis also appreciate the buoyancy and increased mobility provided by each hydrotherapy session.

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