Tips on Buying a Hot Tub

hot tub shopping tips

Perhaps it was the hydromassage you enjoyed in a hot tub at a vacation resort. Or maybe you were at friends’, enjoying a bubbly get-together in their backyard hot tub. Wherever it was, you knew you wanted a hot tub of your own, so you could take pleasure in the relaxation and restorative benefits anytime you choose.

So now that you are ready to shop for a hot tub and want to know where to begin.

We asked our Facebook and Twitter followers:
What do you look for when hot tub shopping?

The results:

  • Reputable hot tub manufacturer 67%
  • Warranty 22%
  • Spa size and seating 11%

The obvious, quality and reliability, should be among your primary considerations.

Here are some tips on what to look for when hot tub shopping.

Reputable hot tub manufacturers – how long has the manufacturer been in business? Over the years, many hot tub manufacturers have come and gone. You want a manufacturer that stands behind its product.

• A solid warranty – find out what it covers and for how long. A good hot tub warranty helps ensure hot tub affordability in the long run.

• Service and supplies – look into the availability of dealer services and buying hot tub supplies locally.

• Configuration of hot tub jets – look for a hot tub that meets your needs. You want to be sure to get the precise massage you want, the right number of seats, and the size that fits your space.

Energy efficiency is another important factor as to the overall affordability of a hot tub. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs offers energy-efficient hot tubs that cost less to run compared to other hot tubs in their class.

It’s easy to start your hot tub quality and affordability search online. A visit to a local hot tub dealer is really the best way to ensure that you get the best overall value. Take your time, and have fun hot tub shopping!

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