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What is one of the first things you would do to your backyard if given $5,000? I took an office poll. All answers included ways to create an atmosphere of relaxation and entertainment. Responses included an outdoor name brand kitchen, lavish patio furniture, a luxury hot tub and contemporary landscaping to increase yard space.

When I look at my backyard, all I do dream…and complain. This is the attitude created when one watches way too much HGTV and renovation shows. If we had the money, there would be an entertaining haven in my backyard. Currently, it is an entertaining eye sore.

What is your dream backyard desire?

Summer is the perfect time for a backyard makeover. Now through August 2nd Jacuzzi Hot Tubs is promoting the Renew Your Backyard Sale. Enter our sweepstakes to win great prizes including a $5,000 gift card you could use towards backyard improvement.Hot Tub Financing

Simply complete the sweepstakes entry form, take it to your local Jacuzzi Hot Tubs dealer to receive your authorization code, and mail your completed form to enter. It’s that simple.

And we make it easy because you can even apply online for special hot tub financing!

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