Hot Tub Review: Therapeutic, Fun and Safe

Customer Hot Tub Review by Nick Pabarbus


Being a first-time hot tub owner meant that I had no familiarity with the hot tub purchase and installation process.

Selecting the right spa model was simple, and there are a myriad of hot tubs to choose from, all offering different benefits. After a couple days of hot tub reviews of various models, my wife and I selected a large spa with four upright seats for our family of four. The J-470 spa model does not have a lounger, which we thought would be more conversational and comfortable. We were also informed the spa actually seats six adults, which is nice since we like to entertain outdoors.

My initial reservation on having a hot tub:

  1. Installation process: I can attest to the fact that it really could not have been easier. I am the kind of guy that can barely hang a picture on a wall or do anything handy without blowing up the house or injuring myself.
  2. Safety: With young kids safety is crucial. I am literally kicking myself for not doing this earlier.

Once we selected our spa, a contact came out to our home to determine what needed to be completed from an electrical standpoint. Thankfully, this was all seamless. Some mall prep work was done and the spa arrived and was craned in and placed exactly where we had requested. From there it was literally up and running in about 90 minutes, ready to use! The process could not have been easier.

Operating the electronic gauges was extremely intuitive, and I was able to figure out the logic of the panel without the manual in literally 2 minutes. The jet operation, lights, music components were all right there. Now I tease my wife a bit that my 3-year-old daughter is faster on the draw with that stuff than she is, my little girl can turn it on and off faster than her mom.

With two young children safety was paramount. The spa came with a fantastic hot tub cover that was a self-storing piece. The cover is easy for an adult to remove and replace, but basically impossible for a child, especially when the safety latches were installed. Once the kids were in, they absolutely loved it. My daughter is a good enough swimmer that she has a great time and our son just wants to follow along and has a great time. Given the top and safety latches we are extremely comfortable having the hot tub around with the kids playing nearby. Now my 1-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter basically use our J-470 as a pool (yes it is a large hot tub)!

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