Our New J-495™ Hot Tub is Party-Perfect, Too

“I want that one!!”

“This tub is massive”

“I’ve had the pleasure of trying out this new tub, and it is awesome”

“Great therapy jets, and all the power you would ever need with the 3 jet pumps”

These are all comments left on our Facebook page regarding the all new Jacuzzi J-495™ spa. This new hot tub is big, versatile and powerful. Learn more about the power of the J-495™ hot tub:

“The J-495™ is our largest Jacuzzi® Hot Tub model with plenty of open seating to move around freely and comfortably. Accommodating up to nine adults, the J-495™ hot tub is perfect for families and friends. With sixty two PowerPro® jets, each spa seat allows every person to enjoy a complete massage experience. My favorite seat is the PowerPro® FX 10 therapy seat, which targets the neck, back, calves, wrists and feet” states Allison Casteel, Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Assistant Product Manager.

You can adjust and direct individual jets, controlling the volume of water and the direction it flows. Deliver a targeted vigorous massage exactly where there’s a stubborn knot in your back. You can also adjust the amount of air introduced to the jets by turning the air control located on the top of the shell near every seat: you won’t believe what a difference this can make, feeling more or less air swirling through the jet flow! Penetrating, powerful jet massage all the way to a tingling spritz – the J-495™ hot tub allows for more massage customization than any other hot tub of its kind.  Request a quote now.

Here’s a quick rundown of other features you’ll find on the new J-495™:

  • NEW CLEARRAY™ Water Purification System uses UV-C light to naturally treat 99.9% of waterborne pathogens
  • NEW ProClarity® Filter Grill and Skimming Weir keeps the water surface clean
  • Three Jacuzzi Pumps push the power out to 62 jets – Most hot tubs have only one or two pumps. The J-495™ has three high volume, low pressure pumps to provide the power needed to provide each seat a powerful yet gentle massage
  • Optional- the exclusive J-1000™ Audio System with iPod Docking Station.

For more details on the J-495™ hot tub, contact your local Jacuzzi hot tubs dealer.

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