Hot Tub Jet Formations and Number of Massage Experiences

hot tub jets

Instead of being concerned with spa jet count, consider hot tub jet formations. The below steps and questions could help you choose the spa that offers the experience that’s right for you.

    • Take a good look at the hot tub.
      How many seating positions with hydrotherapy hot tub jets (“therapy stations”) does it offer?
      How many different massage experiences can you find?
    • Check the placement and combination of jets.
      Are the large, powerful jets placed for the appropriate muscle groups in your body, such as your lower back, shoulders, and feet?

  • Consider groupings of hot tub jets.
    Does the hot tub offer an overall back therapy seat, with jets placed in all the major muscle groups of your back? Does it offer a good lumbar massage?
  • Consider the delicate areas of your body. Make certain that jets directed toward your neck are not too strong. Are there additional hot tub jets for muscle groups in your wrists, your hands, and your calves?
  • Imagine an overall massage experience.
    Can you move from one therapy station to the next and achieve a massage that rivals a traditional massage (i.e. can you work your entire body, head-to-toe, with a customized water and air bubble massage)?


What spa jet formations suits your needs? Browse various hot tubs and learn what models offer the spa jet formations that are right for you.

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