Choosing the Right Hot Tub Jet Combination

There seems to be an obsession in consumers’ minds with hot tub jet count when it comes down to determining which spa is suitable. The number of hot tub jets alone does not guarantee a good massage. A combination of the right hot tub jets in the right formation ensures a good massage.

  • A great spa massage includes hot tub jets that are the right size for a specific muscle group with the appropriate intensity.
  • All spa jets are made to direct water flow. You can customize a massage by controlling the flow. Divert water flow pressure from one seat to the next and turn the hot tub jets off and on individually to personalize your massage.
  • Many hot tub jets are designed to move back and forth. A rotating stream of water replicate a hand circling, or rubbing certain areas of your back.

What spa jet combination is right for you? To see a detailed list of Jacuzzi’s exclusive PowerPro® hot tub jets, visit our J-400™ Collection luxury hot tubs page and click on the Jets tab.

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