Year Round Relaxation for an Active Family in a Large City

Spa Owner: Basil K.
Hot Tub Installation Location: Winnipeg, MB
Dealer: Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs of Manitoba (Spaworks)
Spa Model: J-480

    • Why did you choose to purchase a Jacuzzi® brand hot tub versus another brand? Value, features, name brand, comprehensive warranty, but most importantly the dealer was much more knowledgeable and supportive than any others in our area. I could tell by the level of customer service that I initially received that this would be a good long term decision. When purchasing a spa you really need to find a dealer that is not only going to assist you in making the best purchasing decision, but you need to find a dealer that will be there for the follow up service for years to come.
    • Why did you choose to install it in this location? We did not want to install the spa close to the house. By positioning the spa in this location, away from the house, our views are optimized and unobstructed. This spa setting is a perfect retreat for a relaxing soak while enjoying the sky, stars and view of the pond. During certain months in the late summer and fall, the plants surrounding the spa are flourishing and full, enhancing the natural serene environment and ambiance.
    • What benefits do you receive from hot tub ownership? We have three active boys so they will oftentimes enjoy the spa after a particularly grueling practice or game. I find it’s great for relieving aching joints and just getting away from the streeses of daily life. It presents a great opportunity to socialize with family members, friends or guests that come to visit.

  • How do you use your hot tub the most? i.e. entertaining, arthritis therapy, relaxing etc. All members of our family use the spa regularly, year-round. The kids enjoy having friends over to enjoy a soak and we’ll oftentimes unwind after a busy day with a favorite beverage after dinner. During the summer months when it gets very hot, we tend to turn the temp down and use it during the day to cool off !