Is It Time to Replace Your Hot Tub Cover?

Actually, it’s my co-worker’s dog, Dusty, that likes to hang out on her hot tub cover. Not because the outdoor temperature is cold (this is Southern California, after all), but because Dusty can look into the kitchen window and the neighbor’s backyard from his perch. It’s probably comfortable, too.

Obviously, if you have a big yellow Lab like that resting on your hot tub cover, it’s going to start to sag a lot sooner than in normally would. Here are the typical reasons why hot tub covers need replacing:

  • Not treating the vinyl on your hot tub cover. Use the products recommended by your hot tub cover manufacturer to maintain the vinyl, otherwise, it starts to break down from both sun exposure, air pollutants and rain. Eventually the cover allows water to seep inside, where it degrades the foam inside.
  • Using spa chemicals and immediately closing the hot tub cover. Chemicals used to purify the hot tub water need air to mix properly, so keep the hot tub cover off for about 20 minutes an hour after adding chemicals. If the vapors are trapped inside, they can break down the plastic vinyl cover, and eventually seep inside where they can do some damage.
  • Nature takes a toll. If rainwater can’t run off your flat hot tub cover, it tends to pool and add weight. Wet leaves, branches and other debris that collect on your hot tub cover can cause it to sag and deteriorate, as well.
  • Using your spa cover to hold heavy items or added weight. Sometimes storage is short, if you are putting anything on top of the cover and weighing it down (also remember to remove snow during harsh winters) covers can take on the shape of the item and water will pool in that area, causing premature sagging and water saturation.
  • Dragging the cover around on the ground or dragging it by the handles. Premature wear can occur when you do not use recommended lifters to keep your cover safe and off the ground where debris can ruin the exterior and interior finish.
  • Unzipping the vinyl skin. A protective barrier surrounds your cover, if you pinch this barrier air and water can get into your foam cores causing them to take on water and become very heavy to use.

The key is to take care of your hot tub cover. Recently, Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs introduced durable, outdoor-fabric covers as an option for our new J-LX Series of hot tubs. The new high-performance covers are designed for improved energy efficiency, too.

If your hot tub cover is starting to deteriorate or lose its shape, it’s probably time to replace it.
With proper care, your hot tub cover should last from 3-5 years. Just don’t let any big animals get too cozy on top of it.

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