Hot Tub Accessories to Warm Up Your Winter

Using your hot tub during cold weather can be one of the best things about owning a spa. Immersing yourself in warm massaging waters surrounded by family and friends provides a unique contrast with the freezing temperatures outside and adds to the experience. When the temperature drops, you can stay warm while enjoying the winter wonderland all around you. There are many hot tub accessories that will compliment your spa and enhance your experience during the winter months.

Covers for Your Hot Tub

Durable and sturdy hot tub covers are vital winter hot tub accessories. A quality cover can reduce your hot tub’s energy requirements by properly insulating your hot tub. By not allowing heat to escape and cold winter air or moisture to be let in, the cover keeps the water warm and thus reduces the energy needed to heat the hot tub when you want to use it.

Cover Protectant

Even during the winter, UV rays can be harsh and damaging to your hot tub cover. Ensuring that your cover properly protects your hot tub should be part of your maintenance routine year-round. Regularly use spa cover protectant to prevent your cover from fading and cracking.

Cover Lifters

Cover lifters are easy-to-install hot tub accessories that take the heavy lifting out of removing and replacing your hot tub cover. With one of our quality cover lifters, you won’t have to stand in the cold to cover your spa after a winter dip. Let this useful accessory do that for you, and you’ll be free to wrap yourself in your cozy robe and head inside.

Deluxe Jacuzzi® Robes

Turn the mad dash from your house to your spa in the freezing cold into a calm, relaxing journey to your outdoor bubbling oasis. Instead of wearing only a bathing suit, wrap yourself up in the warmth of a plush robe to keep you snug before you enter the spa and after your soak.

Spa Caddy

Do you yearn for a comforting cup of hot cocoa, tea, or coffee when it’s cold out? Enjoy your soak while sipping on a warm beverage with the Spa Caddy. Easily attach it to the side of your spa, and it will serve as the perfect side tray to hold your drinks within your reach.

SmartSeal® Insulation

This is an option available on select Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs. SmartSeal® insulation is a factory-installed hot tub insulation system that retains the heat of your spa, significantly reducing energy costs—ideal for cold climates.

What hot tub accessories do you feel are the most beneficial during winter, spring, summer, and fall? Share your feedback with us on our Facebook page.

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