For social butterflies who don’t need an occasion to celebrate; skip the stuffy ol’ wine and cheese party, and instead host the hot tub party of the year. Think steamy entertainment, hot party tunes, and delightful refreshments. Dare your friends, coworkers, and neighbors to shed their inhibitions for a playful evening on the patio of yours truly.

Here at Jacuzzi, we’re the experts when it comes to festivities with a hot tub twist, so we’re splashing you with some of hottest do’s and don’ts for your backyard blast. Thanks to our sizzling tips, it’s just up to you to heat the tub and narrow down the guest list to determine if Uncle Ned really makes the cut.

Don’t Skimp on Ambience

Set the mood with some pumping tunes and ice-melting party games. Scatter some inviting glow sticks in the tub, and don’t forget the waterproof poker cards and checkers board. Entice the early birds into the tub faster than they can scream, “UNO!” when you challenge them to a card game in the water.

Do Commence the Water Fights!

Getting hit with a water balloon only means one thing: war! You’re never too old for a water fight, so round up your allies and stock up on water guns and water balloons for the ultimate water war. But while it might be every man for himself, herd the water tossers into the grass to prevent slips on your patio.

Don’t Forget to Feed the Troops

After checker challenges and water balloon battles, treat the troops to some hot-tub approved snacks. Think light fare, as no one will want to strip down to their swimsuits after gorging on heavy hamburgers. Also avoid potato chips and crackers because these treats can make an unappetizing mess at the bottom of your tub.

Do Soak Under the Stars, Not Under the Influence

Drinking alcohol while in a hot tub is a recipe for disaster, as it can cause severe dehydration, heat exhaustion, dizziness, and even death. For safety’s sake, treat your party patrons to some chilled thirst quenchers instead.

Don’t Mix Broken Glass and Barefeet

Nothing says, “Party’s over,” faster than broken glass in the hot tub. Choose plastic chalices over fragile goblets. But just because you’re going the plastic route doesn’t mean you need to resort to college-reminiscent Solo cups.  Go for classy plastic wine glasses and place a floating drink tray in the tub for an added touch.

Despite your best efforts, if a party foul leads to a broken tub, don’t fret, and simply visit our parts and accessories page.

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