Jacuzzi® Genuine Parts and Accessories are crafted for a precision fit and manufactured to the industry’s highest standards. Jacuzzi® Genuine Parts and Jacuzzi® Genuine Accessories are designed to keep your hot tub looking—and operating—like the first day it arrived at your home. Here are some reasons to always purchase Jacuzzi® Genuine Parts and Accessories:

Jacuzzi® Genuine Parts

Jacuzzi® Genuine Parts are considered internal components necessary for your hot tub to function. Pumps, flow switches, temperature sensors, heaters, and more all fall under the Jacuzzi® Genuine Parts category.

  • A Perfect Fit –Jacuzzi® Genuine Parts are not only backed by a warranty that is easy to use, but are also designed to retrofit your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub, regardless of the year your model was made. This also means your hot tub is updated with the latest in technology and innovation, giving your hot tub longevity without having to give up the hot tub you love.
  • Genuine Parts Promise – Jacuzzi® Genuine Parts are available from authorized dealers and maintain reliability for years to come, thanks to an industry-leading warranty. And, when installed by trained and certified Jacuzzi® Authorized Technicians, you have the peace of mind knowing that your Jacuzzi® Genuine Parts are being installed properly.

Jacuzzi® Genuine Accessories

Jacuzzi® Genuine Accessories include components that are ideal to have, but can function for short periods of time between uses if necessary.  Hot tub covers that protect your water from debris, replacement bulbs for your CLEARRAY® Water Management System, replacement pillows, replacement filters, and more all fall under this category.

CLEARRAY illustration

  • Premier Protection – From sleek, circular covers to models outfitted with metallic security locks, Jacuzzi® Spa Covers and Cover Lifts fit like a glove and offer an ideal solution for keeping your investment in first-class condition. Covers and lifts come in a variety of colors, giving you the freedom to choose whichever one best complements your yard. The attractive overlays add an appealing form of protection to your purchase, without detracting from your hot tub’s aesthetics.
  • Keep Your Water Clean – Whether you’re replacing your filters, CLEARRAY® Bulbs, or water care products, ensure your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub operates at peak performance longer with genuine Jacuzzi® Brand accessories.
  • Customize Your Experience – From a floating remote to lighted hot tub steps, genuine Jacuzzi® Accessories add function and personality to your yard, and enhance your spa experience.
  • Risk of Using Generic Parts & Accessories – Using generic parts and accessories in your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub can potentially void your warranty. Whenever possible, use Jacuzzi® Genuine Parts and Accessories to avoid inexactitudes that may irreparably damage your hot tub.

Genuine Parts

Whenever you’re in the market for products to maintain or upgrade your hot tub, purchase Jacuzzi® Genuine Parts and Accessories for guaranteed comfort and additional peace of mind.