One of the best parts of enjoying outdoor hot tubs is relaxing at the end of a long day, looking up at the night sky and gazing at the stars. As you unwind in the warm water with friends or family, follow these easy guidelines to see if you can find some popular autumn constellations:


The famous winged horse in Greek mythology, Pegasus can be seen from the end of summer through autumn in the northern hemisphere. The constellation is a square of four bright stars known as the Square of Pegasus, with a line of stars representing the head and neck of the horse sticking out to the right. You can use the North Star (the brightest star in the Little Dipper) to find it. Draw an imaginary line from the Big Dipper to the North Star in the Little Dipper. Next, track the same line an equal distance to connect the North Star to the middle star of Cassiopeia, which looks like the number 3 or letter W. Keep going in that direction to star hop to the Square of Pegasus.

Tip: It can be difficult to picture, as it’s actually upside down! 


The Square of Pegasus can be used like the Big Dipper to find other treasures in the sky, including one of the most well-known fall constellations: Andromeda, wife of Perseus. When you’ve found the Square of Pegasus, this array of stars is easy to spot, as it’s actually connected to it. From the topmost star in the Square, Andromeda looks like a “V” jutting upward in the sky. This astral array contains a whole galaxy, and is the farthest celestial object you can see with the naked eye. 


The constellation known as “The Hero” is one of the brightest groups of stars found in the fall and winter in the northern hemisphere. Perseus follows just below Cassiopeia through the night sky. To find him, think of a raised arm and two legs, rotated slightly. He’s probably celebrating his victory over the sea monster sent by Poseidon to kill Andromeda. Perseus won Andromeda’s heart, and the two were immortalized in the stars by the gods.

This fall, enjoy the crisp night air in your outdoor spa as you challenge your family to see who can find the most constellations, or relax with your special someone and impress them with your knowledge of the galaxy. Check out our easy outdoor hot tub ideas for more tips on creating the perfect ambiance with lighting, plants, and that feeling of seclusion that makes your spa the perfect oasis.

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