While many films use hot tubs to set the mood for romance and hook ups, some of the most famous flicks of all time have spa scenes, sans the hot and steamy aspect. Whether it’s the place for talking business or having a heartfelt moment, hot tubs can set the stage for character development. Check out a few films where spas are stars on the silver screen:


Tony Montana’s glamorous round hot tub is the envy of us all. With a Cuban cigar hanging out of his mouth, Montana soaks in his ginormous, gold-adorned spa while conducting business. But just because his skin may be pruney doesn’t mean he’s going soft!

“Lion King 1 1/2”

During the sequel to arguably one of the best Disney™ movies, Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon blissfully soak in a natural hot spa. The Hakuna Matata trio is relaxing and enjoying the hot spring, but it’s not until Pumbaa leaves the tub that Simba and Timon realize the bubbles weren’t coming from the spa. The warthog’s infamous flatulence strikes again.

Dumb and Dumber

In this cult classic, funny duo Lloyd and Harry are having a heart-to-heart in none other than a heart-shaped hot tub. As they’re sipping beers and soaking in the spa, Harry bears his soul to Lloyd about how the cheesy honeymoon suite reminds him of a date he had with his ex-girlfriend. As if the bromance scene wasn’t awkward enough, Lloyd realizes he may have played a role in Harry’s break-up with the ex.

Boogie Nights

Despite the risqué plotline of this 90s film, the famous hot tub scene is particularly tame. It’s while taking a dip in the spa that the Eddie Adams reveals his desired stage name. He envisions his surprisingly anti-climactic name in bright neon lights: Dirk Diggler.

Some hot tubs are responsible for turning up the heat on screen, but these spa scenes are remarkably PG. Take a dip in your own spa while watching flicks on your movie projector for the ultimate Friday night soak.