Jason Rossiter – One Year Later


It’s been just over one year since my wife and I became a part of Team Jacuzzi and began incorporating hydrotherapy into the training program for the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon. One year later, we both continue to cross-train by running, lifting weights and chasing around our two young daughters.   While we don’t plan on running another marathon or half marathon, we have increased our weekly fitness regimen because our bodies continue to recover faster. We feel that the hydrotherapy benefits of the weekly usage of our Jacuzzi® spa have been a big part of this recovery process.

Aside from the hydrotherapy aspect, I continue to use the spa on a personal/social basis with my two daughters. They love the bubbles, disco style lights, and listening to Katie Perry as they turn my relaxing spa into a rave for 4 and 6 year olds! As the fall weather begins to cool, the more my daughters continue to ask to go “jacuzzing”.

The overall experience with our Jacuzzi hot tub has been incredible. While I’ve always enjoyed frequenting hot tubs at hotels or community pools, it’s been such a better experience having our own personal spa in our backyard. I look forward to enjoying our spa, both for hydrotherapy recovery and personal family time, for many years to come.

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