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The Doctors Prescription: Hot Tub Healing Machine


Jacuzzi®  makes an appearance on The Doctors this Thursday, May 2nd! The Doctors will explain how Jacuzzi® hot tub hydrotherapy may help you soak up a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits include a better night’s sleep, relief from painful arthritis symptoms, ease menstrual cramps and soothe restless leg syndrome.

Find out where The Doctors airs in your area: www.thedoctorstv.com/main/local_listings

New Acrylic Shell Color- Monaco


At Jacuzzi, we utilize only the finest quality acrylic for the finish of our hot tub shells. This year we are introducing Monaco, a new acrylic shell color to complement our product offering.

With it’s gray, cinnamon and alabaster marble effect and extreme variation, Monaco is well suited for all three cabinet colors and ideal for models including J-235, J-245 & J-275. Warm in tone, Monaco matches just about any outside décor that surrounds it, featuring the right combination of style and delicacy to work well with any type of housing exterior colors.

*Available on all hot tubs except J-495, J-415, J-315 and J-210.

A Diverse Family of Four Designs a Breathtaking Spa Staycation Retreat

Spa Owner: Mark W.
Hot Tub Installation Location: Tecumseh, MI
Dealer: Landmark Home Leisure
Spa Model: J-345

  • Why did you choose to install it in this location? We just finished construction of a brand new deck and our pictures were taken literally as it was just completed. I designed the deck to create a flowing design with 3 unique zones. The grilling/dining area. The lower level with integrated bench & granite end tables for the fire pit, and the spa area – just off the master bedroom. The spa area is private and has views of the entire deck plus the woods and pond below. Plus, our J-345™ is only 6 feet from our sliding doorwall, which is going to be a welcome distance in cold & snowy Michigan winters!
  • What benefits do you receive from hot tub ownership? Our home has become our oasis…we find that in tough economic times, we can actually enjoy a vacation everyday right in our own backyard. Owning a spa is something we used to seek out in resorts, now we have our own to enjoy every day.
  • How do you use your hot tub the most? i.e. entertaining, arthritis therapy, relaxing etc. We truly enjoy the togetherness in the spa brings our family, I bet you’d probably could get a different answer from each member. My 10 year old daughter loves to play with her friends in it. My 18 year old daughter likes to hangout and converse with friends. My wife enjoys the relaxation and calm it brings her totally hectic life. And for me, I love to be in the outdoors, see the trees and sunset through the rising mist. Plus, we all love to soak in the cool glow of the ambient lights under the stars.
  • Why did you choose to purchase a Jacuzzi® brand hot tub versus another brand? Overall best value. Smart size for family for four and fit well for specific location. The fit, finish and materials were superior to other brands explored. The quality of jets were super. And also a big factor…the styling. Beautiful aesthetics, sculpted design, attractive integrated lighting and truly comfortable seating. We shopped extensively online and in-stores and probably have every spa DVD produced! Lastly, the Jacuzzi reputation for quality (we have a Jacuzzi bath in home) made our decision easy.

Help Prevent Sports Injury With Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Andrews

Research Reveals Hydrotherapy Benefits in Sports Related Type Injuries

VIDEO: Watch as Golf Channel analyst and former professional golfer, Val Skinner interviews Dr. James Andrews on his opinion of hydromassage from a medical stand point.Dr. Andrews is a renowned orthopedic surgeon, past president of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine and has served as LPGA medical director since 1991. He has worked with professional athletes from various sports including Michael Jordan, Beth Daniel, Drew Brees, Brett Favre and Jack Nicklaus.


American Heart Month Inspires Everyday Changes

Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Can Be a Step on the Path to Wellbeing

JHT Feb Blog
At Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, we see a connection between making good choices for the sake of your heart health and the positive benefits of hot tubs. Experts tell us that heart disease is preventable and controllable. Eating a healthy diet, getting your blood pressure checked, keeping your weight in a healthy range, and exercising are all recommended, along with no smoking and limiting the use of alcohol.

But where do you start, and how do you stay motivated along the way? This is where hot tub hydrotherapy comes in.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says taking small steps on the path to better heart health is the way to go. Here’s a comparison of what the CDC recommends, and how Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs hydrotherapy can support your efforts.

“Don’t become overwhelmed.”
Jacuzzi® Tip: Hot tub hydrotherapy can relax your mind and body after a stressful day, renew your energy, and improve your mood. It’s easier to resist the urge to calm the nerves with “stress” eating, and to take a walk after dinner, when you’ve had some time to unwind in your hot tub.

“Don’t go it alone.”
Jacuzzi® Tip: The CDC says “The journey is more fun when you have company,” and we agree. Sharing hot tub time with family and friends helps you connect with those who provide support for (and a pleasant break from) your efforts to build healthy habits.

“Don’t get discouraged.”
Jacuzzi® Tip: It’s going to take some time to reach your goals for a healthier heart, and we all know how hard it is to stay motivated when you’re feeling tired and sluggish. A hydrotherapeutic massage has been shown to boost circulation and promote a good night’s sleep, leaving you better prepared to face the challenges of the day.

“Reward yourself.”
Jacuzzi® Tip: Having fun decreases stress, which has been cited as a contributing factor in heart disease. Kick back in your backyard hot tub with someone you love on Valentine’s Day, for example, and you’ll probably find yourself laughing and talking more easily than you would in a crowded restaurant.

Why not honor American Heart Month by supporting a healthier way of life for you and your family?


Got Stress? Get a Hot Tub.

Here’s the Breakdown on the Benefits of Jacuzzi® Hydrotherapy

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Infographic

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It may be comforting to know that you’re not the only one who worries…about money (75% of us stress over money)…and work (70%)…and relationships (58%). You get the picture. You’re also not alone in being subject to the negative effects of stress, which include:

  • Having trouble falling asleep and waking up at night.
  • Feeling sluggish and less alert during the day.
  • Being “wired” by the body’s production of adrenaline, which gets you ready for action. Since you can’t do anything about that adrenaline rush most of the time (squeezing the steering wheel tighter when stuck in traffic doesn’t count), your body pays the price. Blood vessels get constricted and circulation slows down, which leads to health problems.

All it takes is a quick look at the chart to see how a Jacuzzi®  hot tub helps you manage stress. The benefits are wide ranging, and include a few that aren’t shown on the chart. For example, sharing time in a hot tub can promote better communication and closer relationships. Spending time outdoors in your hot tub can make you feel more connected to the natural rhythm of the days and seasons, and less of a slave to your crowded schedule.

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Studies have shown that hydrotherapy helps combat stress. To discover why Jacuzzi® hydrotherapy works best, contact your local Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs dealer. They can provide a full breakdown on our hot tubs’ stress-busting abilities, along with a chance to experience Jacuzzi® hot tub hydrotherapy for yourself.

J-470™ Hot Tub Plays a Role in Backyard Home Improvement Show

Watch DIY Network’s Sweat Equity TV Show Dec. 26th

Sweat Equity is one of our favorite home improvement shows because it features real people working with believable budgets. In the episode titled, “The Party Yard,” Jane and Jared, a couple in Minneapolis wants to bring their backyard up to par with others in the neighborhood, and create a space where they can entertain.

The worst feature of the backyard was probably the second-story deck that had no connection to the almost-barren backyard. The area under the deck was used for storage, which looked pretty messy.

Amy Matthews, the Sweat Equity host, said the goal was to create “an outdoor living space as opposed to just a deck.” New steps and a railing in a wood-alternative material were built to extend from deck to yard. In the big backyard, a landscape architect added affordable plants – the trees along the perimeter will look great as they grow – and the chain-link dog run was replaced with new fencing. The small concrete patio was replaced with a patio made of natural-looking pavers and a fire pit.

But back to that unsightly “storage area” under the deck…With help from Twin City Jacuzzi, a beautiful new Jacuzzi® J-470 hot tub was delivered and set up in the space. The hot tub is a perfect fit, and the deck above (with the addition of a nice underdeck treatment) provides privacy and protection from the elements.

A real estate agent asked to “look at the true benefits to the resale value of the home,” agreed that a six-person hot tub added value. Homeowner Jane especially likes the speaker system in the J-470 and the 39 jets with colored lights. She said she couldn’t wait to have people over for a party. The J-470 was declared a “treat with a cherry on top” in this home improvement!

The Party Yard episode, which first aired in November, is scheduled again to be shown on December 26. Check your local listings and pick up some home improvement tips from Sweat Equity and Jacuzzi.

Holiday Travel Stretches

Prevent Stiffness and Relieve Sore Muscles Caused by Travel

Many of us are looking forward to spending time with family during the holiday this week, but are dreading the long hours of travel to get to our destination. Riding in a car for hours or sitting in a cramped seat on an airplane can cause muscle tightness, pain, fatigue and less than festive moods. Here at Jacuzzi, we pride ourselves on helping people unwind and find balance and relaxation, whether through hydrotherapy, stretching or any other form of relief.

Here are some effective stretches for holiday travelers:

LEGS – There usually isn’t room to actually stretch out when you’re in flight or on the road, but you can increase the blood flow to your legs while seated. Keeping your feet flat on the floor, press against the outsides of your knees with your hands. At the same time, push your legs out against your hands for five seconds. The resistance revs up circulation in your lower extremities. Try the same move, with your hands inside your knees, pressing your legs inward to resist.

NECK – The neck and shoulders really feel the pain from sitting too long. You’ll get the benefits from this stretch instantly. First, sit up straight. Clasp your hands behind your head. Slowly, let your palms press your head toward your thighs, pointing chin to chest. Use your palms to gently stretch your head away from your shoulder until you feel a good stretch. Hold for 20-30 seconds and slowly lift your head, unclasping your hands. Be careful not to go too far; it’s better to repeat the stretch, gently, a couple of times.

ARMS – You have more freedom to move in an automobile, but on a crowded flight, it can be tough to spread your wings and “fly.” A nice way to stretch your arms without taking up space: 1. Raise your right hand, then bend at the elbow until your hand is behind your back. From here, try lifting your elbow back and higher, keeping your shoulder blade sliding down your back. Repeat on the left side.

The trick to staying comfortable while traveling and arriving without wobbly legs and neck pain is allowing your body’s muscles to move and increase circulation throughout. Once you’ve safely arrived at your destination, take a walk and a stretch break to help you stay alert and prevent muscle stiffness. And of course, if you can – take a nice soak in a hot tub!

Making Your Hot Tub Guests Feel At Home

Tips for Having a Trouble-free Good Time

For most people, late November marks the beginning of festivities and entertaining guests at home. The holidays are a popular time to invite friends and family over and the perfect occasion to relax and catch up in the hot tub. We asked our Jacuzzi® Facebook followers to share their advice and hot tub tips for guests.

We got a kick out of some of the responses:
– Welcome to our s a, there is no p in it. Keep it that way!
– Don’t drink and dive.
– Bring those you love.

A good way to make sure everyone feels at home is to establish your own set of ground rules to follow. It’s easier than it sounds, and a few guidelines can help make everybody feel comfortable and welcomed.

Snack items and beverages. Most invited guests will ask what they can bring in terms of snacks and beverages. As the host, provide the snacks items and drinks the first time guests are over and use the hot tub. Serve “hot tub safe” snacks, like fresh veggies, olives and other goodies that you can easily retrieve in case they fall into the water. Avoid serving snacks like crackers or potato chips, these type of snacks crumble and can easily fall into the water and cause a nightmare to clean up. Cool beverages taste great and refreshing when you’re soaking in a hot tub – be festive with cranberry juice spritzers garnished with mint leaves. Non-alcoholic smoothies are always a popular choice for kids and adults. Take the opportunity to explain to guests the reason for your hot tub safe snack and beverage choices- so they can keep it in mind for the next party.

No foam please. Although the kid in all of us enjoys a warm bubbly bath, foam in a hot tub is not considered a good thing. The appearance of foam on spa water is typically created by:

  • Shampoo or hair gel residue – Provide hair bands so guests with long hair can easily tie it up and keep it out the water.
  • Body oil and lotions – Applying body oil or lotion the morning of an evening party is fine and will most likely not affect spa water. However, it’s best to notify guests ahead of time not to apply lotions or oils on skin right before arriving to the party. Offer guests a variety of skin moisturizers to use immediately after bathing.
  • Excessive detergent- Many people wash their swimsuit in strong detergents, which may reside in the clothing even after the rinse cycle. Ask your guests to rinse their swimsuits in water prior to arriving.

Easy in, easy out. Going barefoot and stepping into the spa may track grass or dirt into the clean water. Keep extra sets of outdoor slippers handy for spa guests. It’s easy to keep the hot tub water clean if your guests wear slip-on shoes and remove them right before they step into the hot tub.

Warm, cozy and dry. For me, the ultimate spa experience involves wrapping myself up in a large fluffy towel to stay cozy immediately after stepping out of the water. Extend the hospitality and make your guests feel pampered. Set out stacks of freshly laundered large fluffy towels near the spa and easily accessible.

We hope you find the above tips helpful as you begin party planning this season. Your guests are sure to enjoy relaxing in your hot tub and appreciate the extra thought put into making them feel at home.

Slow Down Hectic Schedules

Develop a Hot Tub Habit

Why is it that when the weather cools down at this time of year, our schedules heat up? Driving the kids back and forth to school, making sure your home and yard are ready for winter, and putting in long hours at the office now that summer vacation is over, can all make the fall season pass by in a swirl of leaves.

But for families who have a hot tub in the backyard, the shift from carefree summer to busy autumn can be a time to build new, stress-reducing routines and bring everyone closer together.

Ease the transition into autumn.
When the days seem to be racing by (is it really dark at 6 o’clock?) a hot tub session can help to slow them down. Notice how an afternoon business meeting or helping with after-school homework can leave you feeling wound up and under-energized at the same time? There’s nothing like hot tub hydrotherapy by to bring you back into balance. Spending just 10 minutes in a hot tub can help you relax and put your day into perspective.

Head for the hot tub together.
Your school-age kids will look forward to hot tub time after their homework is finished or when they’re worn out from soccer practice. Get dad and kids together for a hot tub session after raking leaves or watching football on TV. And sure, younger kids like to splash, cup their hands over the jet stream, and bounce from one seat to another. But sharing time in the hot tub with your kids makes it easier for everyone to relax and communicate more openly– especially teenagers.

Warm up to the chill in the air.
You can really appreciate the crispness of autumn and the beauty of fall colors when you’re relaxing in your hot tub. All you have to do is step outside into your own backyard or onto your deck and you’re there. With the days ending earlier, you’ll have time to relax in your hot tub before bed. A cool, dark evening and a warmly lit hot tub go together beautifully, and you’ll both sleep better after a soothing hydromassage.

This fall, take a moment to marvel at the Harvest Moon, sneak a couple of pieces of Halloween candy, and find out how good it feels to soak in your hot tub on a regular basis. It’s a healthy habit that can help you skate through the rest of the year more smoothly.

Connect with Nature to Reduce Stress

Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Includes Benefits of Being Outdoors

Hot Tub Hydrotherapy and Mother NatureMother Nature has remarkable therapeutic powers. All you have to do is step outside into the sunshine and take a few breaths of fresh air to notice how the stress of being in the office seems to float away. Unfortunately, walking to and from the car is about the only time some of us spend outdoors on a regular basis. But if you have a hot tub in the backyard, you can soak in the beneficial effects of the great outdoors along with the amazing effects of hot tub hydrotherapy.

Research studies have shown that being outdoors can reduce stress. Levels of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that works to regulate moods, rise when we are exposed to natural light outdoors, according to an article by Simon N. Young, published in the Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience. The man who coined the term “road rage,” Dr. David Lewis, discovered through research that the scent of grass had a calming effect on frantic drivers. And an article in the New York Times on July 6, 2012, extolled the health benefits of spending more time in nature, including enhanced immune function.


Jacuzzi Congratulates Pro Golfer Fred Couples

Fred Couples is Elected into the World Golf Hall of Fame

15-time PGA Tour title winner Fred Couples to be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame during Players Championship week in May, 2013.

As a proud sponsor of pro golfer Fred Couples, Jacuzzi commends the selection of one of the most popular players to ever play on the PGA Tour for induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame. Couples partners with Jacuzzi to promote their JelSleep Technology™ mattresses, which he credits with helping him sleep in spite of struggling with back, shoulder and wrist pain.

The 15 PGA Tour titles won by Couples, 52, include his 1992 first-place finish in the Masters. In 2013, he will become a three-time captain of the U.S. Presidents Cup team, marking his fifth time playing on the team. He also has eight Champions Tour titles, and has played on five Ryder Cup teams.

“The Jacuzzi® team is delighted about Fred’s election to the Hall of Fame,” said Drew Meng, Jacuzzi Vice President of Marketing. “He truly epitomizes the Jacuzzi® lifestyle by showing that you can stay active, and in his case, competitive, by taking steps to overcome the discomforts of stress and aging.”

According to a recent news release posted by Golf.com, Couples is honored by his selection to the World Golf Hall of Fame. He is quoted as saying; “It is humbling to have received the votes and to be included in a group of such legendary players.”

About Jacuzzi® JelSleep™ Technology
The exclusive JelSleep Comfort Matrix™ creates the ideal sleep environment by automatically bio-adjusting to both sleepers through simultaneous heat diffusion and weight distribution—two elements that are critical to achieving a great night’s sleep.

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