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If you want to learn about Jacuzzi hot tubs you've come to the right place. The Jacuzzi hot tub blog is a one stop shop for everything you need to know before, during and after you have purchased your Jacuzzi hot tub. Browse our recent posts below to see what's new.

The Full-featured, Compact Spa with Easy Access

J-415 Features a Lower Profile Than Most Home Spas

If you’re a young couple just starting out, or empty-nesters who are active and want to take care of your health and well being, the new Jacuzzi® J-415™ 2-3 person spa is an excellent choice.

Compared to other home spas, the J-415 offers the advantage of a lower height that facilitates entry and exit – something both the young and the elderly can appreciate. The J-415’s compact footprint also means it’s a good fit for condo patios and smaller yards, and quite easy to deliver and set up.

One feature that we all love about the J-415 home spa is its fresh take on the classic lounge seat. You feel relaxed and comfortable sitting in the lounge without water. But when it’s filled with warm water, the jets are going, your head is cradled by the pillow headrest, and you have air control at your fingertips, the J-415’s lounge truly takes away every trace of tension, from your back to your feet.


Customized Hot Tub Massage for EVERY Seat

Our New J-495™ Hot Tub is Party-Perfect, Too

“I want that one!!”

“This tub is massive”

“I’ve had the pleasure of trying out this new tub, and it is awesome”

“Great therapy jets, and all the power you would ever need with the 3 jet pumps”

These are all comments left on our Facebook page regarding the all new Jacuzzi J-495™ spa. This new hot tub is big, versatile and powerful. Learn more about the power of the J-495™ hot tub:

“The J-495™ is our largest Jacuzzi® Hot Tub model with plenty of open seating to move around freely and comfortably. Accommodating up to nine adults, the J-495™ hot tub is perfect for families and friends. With sixty two PowerPro® jets, each spa seat allows every person to enjoy a complete massage experience. My favorite seat is the PowerPro® FX 10 therapy seat, which targets the neck, back, calves, wrists and feet” states Allison Casteel, Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Assistant Product Manager.

You can adjust and direct individual jets, controlling the volume of water and the direction it flows. Deliver a targeted vigorous massage exactly where there’s a stubborn knot in your back. You can also adjust the amount of air introduced to the jets by turning the air control located on the top of the shell near every seat: you won’t believe what a difference this can make, feeling more or less air swirling through the jet flow! Penetrating, powerful jet massage all the way to a tingling spritz – the J-495™ hot tub allows for more massage customization than any other hot tub of its kind.  Request a quote now.

Here’s a quick rundown of other features you’ll find on the new J-495™:

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We categorize our wide selection of hot tubs and spas into four specific collections:

The Jacuzzi J-LX™ Collection
Experience famous Jacuzzi® patented-jet hydrotherapy in hot tubs that maximize energy efficiency. Fresh styling includes a new, patented top-deck design that eliminates exposed acrylic.

The Jacuzzi J-400™ Designer Collection
Jacuzzi Hot Tubs’ J-400 Designer Collection breaks the mold with the hot tub designs. Step into a Jacuzzi J-400 and let the inventors of the modern hot tub help you step outside the box. In creating the J-400 Collection, Jacuzzi hot tub designers and engineers were inspired to rethink traditional design.


Hot Tub Models for Weekend Warriors

“My Time Off” Hot Tub Models

Calling all Weekend Warriors! All those who work hard Monday through Friday and need to de-stress on the weekend. You make time for backyard projects, maybe play a round of golf or shoot baskets with the kids, but most of all, you love entertaining and hanging out with family and friends on the weekends. There’s no better place to do that than your own backyard, in one of Jacuzzi’s amazing hot tub models!

The hot tub models in the Jacuzzi Collections are each designed to help you find the balance between pushing to be your best during the week and re-discovering your more playful side on the weekend. It starts with relaxation. All of our hot tub models treat you to an amazing patented-jet hydrotherapeutic massage, with warm water melting the tension away.

Michael B. from Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania, a J-345 owner, wrote to us about Jacuzzi weekends. “A hot tub attracts friends and relatives on the weekend. People want to hang out where they can relax at the same time. I found friends that I didn’t even know I had.”

Picture yourself in these Weekend Warrior scenarios:

J-LX® New Product Launch

Jacuzzi Introduces the Addition of Energy Efficient Spas

J-LX CollectionWow, what a great response to our first introduction to Jacuzzi’s new product in a previous blog last month. Within 4 days, the blog received nearly 3 dozen shares on Facebook and Twitter!

I would like to proudly share with blog readers the official reveal of Jacuzzi’s newest addition to the hot tub line-up, the LX® Collection. On our website, you can now learn about the J-LX® and J-LXL® spas that make up the added collection.

The new hot tub collection was created in response to feedback collected by Jacuzzi’s research teams. The main question asked of research group participants:


7 Hidden Ways to Sleep Better

Go From Restless to Well-Rested in No Time

— By Christine Seymour, Health & Fitness Writer

As a college student, I had my fair share of sleepless nights. But as I matured (and learned from the adverse affects I suffered because of those late nights), I began to realize that at the core of a healthy, long life is good sleep. Surprisingly, what we hear about health usually revolves around exercise and nutrition; the truth about sleep—one of the most important factors to attaining vitality—is often left out of the mix. Losing sleep is certainly not something to be taken lightly. An occasional night of tossing and turning is normal, but continued patterns of this behavior can cause real problems in your ability to function normally. Research shows that inadequate sleep can have disastrous effects on your weight loss efforts, impair your concentration, and even mimic the symptoms of impaired glucose tolerance (which can lead to diabetes and hypertension).

Your mood also suffers when you don’t get enough shut-eye, causing you to become disoriented on the job, fatigued behind the wheel of a car, or irritated at home. But more importantly, these mood swings can affect your relationships with others, and even lead to depression. But the good news is that, starting tonight, you can improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. Here are 7 ways to get back on track. You’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time!

1. Create the right environment. Get your body and mind in the habit of using your bedroom for sleeping. If you frequently sit in bed to pay your bills, do your homework, watch television, eat, talk on the phone, etc., your mind will expect that the bedroom is for daytime activities. Instead, create an environment that is suitable for sleeping. Equip your room with soft lighting, comfortable bedding, and relaxing music. Other tricks include turning the temperature down a few notches, and turning the clock away from your view. Recent studies reveal that watching your sleep time vanish into the morning hours only makes you more anxious and less able to fall asleep.

2. Get yourself into a routine. This is especially hard for people with wavering, active schedules, like students and parents. On busy days, it is difficult—but crucial—to be firm with a routine. If you normally don’t fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning, or if you don’t have a sleep schedule at all, try going to bed a half an hour earlier each week, or set a time to get in bed and stick with it. Eventually your body will get used to going to sleep at that time and it will begin to come naturally.

3. Limit food and beverage intake before bed. As you lie down to sleep, acids in the stomach level out, making heartburn and indigestion more likely to occur. Also, your metabolism increases slightly to digest food, which can also raise your energy level. Stop eating at least three hours before your scheduled bedtime. If you must snack on something, keep it small, and avoid high-fat foods, which take longer to digest. Instead, have a granola bar, some toast, or a small bowl of cereal, but keep your portion small. Say no to stimulants like caffeine and nicotine, which can raise blood pressure and energy levels. Alcohol may be a depressant, but after its sedative effects wear off, your sleep patterns will suffer.

4. Consider a natural approach. Certain herbal teas can help you relax and fall asleep. Chamomile is a popular herb that slows the nervous system and promotes relaxation, for example. As always, consult your health care provider, use herbs and other supplements only as directed, and make sure to read labels. Some herbs may react with certain types of medication or cause adverse effects in individuals with liver disease, Parkinson’s disease, and pregnant or nursing women. Other liquids, such as a small glass of warm milk, may also help.

5. Know when and how to nap. When energy levels drop around 3-5 p.m., most of us desire a little shut-eye. Napping is okay, as long as you do it wisely. Most sleep counselors recommend napping for no longer than 20 minutes. Exceeding 20 minutes could leave you feeling groggier and make it harder for you to fall asleep at bedtime. If you know you have to stay up late, or if you have an erratic sleep schedule (especially new moms), take a nap during the day. You’ll be more productive and in a better mood.

6. Take control of your worries. Let’s face it—most of us lead very stressful lives. Stress, surprises, and changes can take a toll on your sleep habits. Schedule some downtime each day for meditative activities like stretching or a hot bath. Try to decrease your brain activity before bed by writing down your thoughts in a journal and closing the book on the day. If thinking keeps you up at night, get out of bed and try to be productive. Deal with those thoughts (pay the bill that you are worried about forgetting, make a to-do list, etc.) in a positive way, and come back to bed when you’re ready to sleep.

7. Get a check-up. If you toss and turn most nights, it may be time to see a physician. You could be suffering from one or more sleep disorders, including insomnia and sleep apnea. The sooner you find out what’s wrong, the sooner you can fix it. Sleep disorders are dangerous to your health, so if you suspect something is wrong, tend to it immediately.

Jacuzzi’s Big Hot Tub is “The Big Deal”

Jacuzzi® J-365™ Big Spa Featured on Let’s Make A Deal

big hot tubs

Who wants to make a deal?

You may recognize this familiar saying from the popular game show, Let’s Make a Deal. Today’s version of the show is based around deals offered to audience members by host Wayne Brady. Each show ends with the Big Deal of the Day. The Big Deal involves three doors, famously known as “Door #1″, “Door #2″, and “Door #3″. Each door contains a prize package which is usually more than the top prize offered up to that point in the show!


Stretching and Recovery Bring New Beginnings

Including Maintenance and Discipline Into Efforts Proves Easier Training

Nick Pabarcus, Team Jacuzzi®

Profession: Sales Manager, Bank of America Home Loans & Insurance Division

Family: Wife, Amy, Daughter, Zoe (age 3) and son, Noah (age 1)

Reason you are racing: Pact with a friend to run one marathon per year.

Running history: Las Vegas will be my 8th full marathon. I’ve run one per year for the last eight years with times ranging from 4:20-5:55

At the age of 35, with a frame of 6’6’’ and a bit over 230 pounds to start this endeavor, there is really no reason why I should be running at all!


Get the Best Hot Tub for the Best Dad

The Best Hot Tubs of the Jacuzzi® Line-Up: The J-400™

Designer Collection

Let’s face it, most men love high-tech toys, beautifully designed machines, cool status symbols that exude magnificence. My husband is no exception; he has almost as many “toys” as our daughter. Just like her, his face lights up when he tinkers with his entertainment equipment, techno-toys, and cutting-edge gadgets.

Father’s Day is this weekend, a time when many women will search and search for the ultimate present for the best dad. The best dad deserves the best gift. Enter the J-400™ Designer Collection, offering some of the best hot tubs in the Jacuzzi® line-up. Picture this … dad lounging in a luxurious spa that’s completely tricked out with an advanced control system featuring a full-color LCD monitor, an audio system with a customized playlist, high-performance jets for the perfect massage, and advanced seat design including a deluxe lounger.


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