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Hot Tub Reviews: Luxury Hot Tubs

Hot Tub Review – the Jacuzzi® J-480™ Luxury Hot Tub

Hot Tub Reviews: Jacuzzi J-480 Luxury Hot Tubs

Step into the Jacuzzi J-480 and let the inventors of the modern hot tub help you step outside the box. The ultimate in luxury hot tubs, the Jacuzzi J-480 hot tub showcases the J-400 Collection’s dramatic curved profile. Its asymmetrical lines present a fresh spa silhouette, unlike any other premium luxury hot tub available.

Jacuzzi hot tub owners apparently agree. Just ask Cathy Higginson.


Hot Tub Reviews – Big Hot Tub

Hot Tub Review – A Big Hot Tub That’s Big on Features

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Review J-365

If a big hot tub is what want, Jacuzzi has the hot tub for you!


Best Hot Tubs for the Best Results

The Best Hot Tubs for Recovery, J-400™ Collection

Best Hot Tubs For Best Results

Love to work out, but hate the post workout muscle soreness? Most of us have all been there, especially those training for an endurance event. As days lead up to an endurance event such as a marathon, training runs become longer and the body adapts to the stresses of running farther. Most runners training for a marathon experience some sort of muscle soreness. Sore, achy muscles can make training uncomfortable and make it difficult to stay on track. The good news is that there are ways to relieve muscle soreness, including recovering with the best hot tubs suited for physically active people; just ask Team Jacuzzi!

After months of intense marathon training focusing on recovery using Jacuzzi spas from our J-400 Collection, Team Jacuzzi has proven success! Our six amateur athletes took on the Las Vegas strip, step by step, completing the 13.1 mile half marathon or the 26.2 mile full marathon. Half of the team had previously participated in a marathon, while the other half competed in their first endurance event ever. For all team members, this was their first time training with a focus on fast recovery using hydrotherapy.


Hydromassage: A Medical Perspective

Hydrotherapy Spas Provide More Than Just Physical Therapy

Last month I informed readers about an interview conducted on Jacuzzi’s behalf by Golf Channel analyst and former professional golfer, Val Skinner. We now have the interview available for readers to watch as Skinner interviews Dr. James Andrews on his opinion of hydromassage from a medical stand point.

Dr. Andrews is a renowned orthopedic surgeon, past president of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine and has served as LPGA medical director since 1991. He has worked with professional athletes from various sports including Michael Jordan, Beth Daniel, Drew Brees, Brett Favre and Jack Nicklaus.


Hot Tub Review: J-470™

Hot Tub Review: Therapeutic, Fun and Safe

Customer Hot Tub Review by Nick Pabarbus

Being a first-time hot tub owner meant that I had no familiarity with the hot tub purchase and installation process.


Are You Ready For Some Football?

Hot Tub Therapy Helps Athletes Relax and Recover

spa therapyFootball, football, football. Football season is well underway, especially at my house. My husband is in sports heaven, thrilled with his recent purchase of the NFL Sunday Ticket™. All you die hard football fans that spend all day in front of the television know what kind of ticket that it is. DirecTV® explains the promotional package as an opportunity to “feel every bone-crunching hit.” Ouch.

Football is a contact sport. As highly trained athletes sprint, push, leap, dodge and tackle each other, sore muscles are inevitable. James Collins, San Diego Chargers Head Athletic Trainer, explains, “Professional football players are tough on their bodies and deal with sore muscles on a consistent basis. A lot of athletes and athletic trainers know the benefits of cold water therapy. In addition, our staff often recommends

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