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3 Outdoor Hot Tub Suggestions for Dad

Father’s Day is June 17

Dads of all ages love Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs spas. They trust the Jacuzzi® brand and recognize the value in owning a reliable outdoor hot tub with cool features. If you’re lucky enough to be able to present a new Jacuzzi® hot tub as a gift on Father’s Day, that’s awesome! But if you’re involved in the hot tub buying decision together, here are 3 suggestions for dad-friendly Jacuzzi® spas.

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1.     The Jacuzzi® J-LXL saves more on operating costs than any other hot tub in its class (along with the J-LX™). And what dad doesn’t like to save energy? My dad was always telling us to turn out the lights when we left a room. The J-LXL™ spa features sleek new styling, with a flattop edge and handsome cabinetry that fits into any landscape. And dad is going to love the lounge seat in this outdoor hot tub. He can lean back and enjoy a full-body hydro-massage from the Jacuzzi® jets.

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2.     The J-365is a BIG hot tub that seats up to 7 adults. It’s built for good times with family and friends, and it offers a luxuriously wide choice of seating and hydrotherapy options. The PowerPro® Therapy Seat could become dad’s favorite; it massages the entire back, relieving stress and easing sore muscles.

    The J-315spa works well for new dads, empty nesters or retirees. A compact outdoor hot tub like the J-315™ has the best of the big hot tubs in a spa that seats 2-3 adults. It’s simple to maintain (important for busy new dads), and its lower height makes it easy for everyone, young or old, to enter and exit.


Buying a Hot Tub: Hot Tub Jets

How Many of the Hot Tub’s Jets are Adjustable?

hot tub jets

When you submerge in a hot tub, you need the jets to soothe the right muscles, the right way. Being able to adjust jets accordingly is crucial for optimum hydrotherapy. This is the standard by which physical therapy and athletic hydrotherapy systems are judged.


Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Launches New Site

Hot Tub Website Redesign Includes Improved Functionality and Easy Navigation

Have you visited the all-new Jacuzzi Hot Tubs website yet? Take a look, the first thing you’ll notice is the fresh, sophisticated design, loaded with photos that pull you into the Jacuzzi hot tub experience. The redesigned site has convenient new features that make it easier to find a specific hot tub or other information. Visit the new website now

Here’s what to look for on our new site:

  • Intuitive search options. Now you can find the hot tub that is right for you various ways:
    -Number of Seats: Select a small hot tub that seat four or fewer people or choose a large hot tub that can fit over six people.
    -Best Selling: Browse our best selling hot tubs. These popular spas are perfect for entertaining and offer a wide range of features.

Thinking About Buying an Outdoor Hot Tub?

Winter is a Great Time to Buy

outdoor hot tub

More often than you might imagine, people think about purchasing outdoor hot tubs in the wintertime when retailers offer great deals and home owners can take advantage of the cool, crisp air to enjoy their outdoor hot tub. Many people start thinking about purchasing an outdoor hot tub in early spring in order to have one installed and ready to use in time for summer. A Jacuzzi® outdoor spa is great for summer parties, but during the cold months of the year, a warm-water hydromassage is ideal for both therapy and relaxation.


Buying a Hot Tub: Hot Tub Maintenance

Hot Tub Maintenance: How Do I Keep the Water Clean?

hot tub maintenance - water

Submerging in crystal clear water is exactly what you want. Some chemicals will be necessary to achieve clean water, but you can significantly reduce the use of chemicals in several ways.


Buying a Hot Tub: Hot Tub Cabinets

What is Better, Synthetic or Wood Hot Tub Cabinets?

synthetic hot tub cabinets


Buying a Hot Tub: Control Panel


What Features are Important in a Hot Tub Control Panel?

Think of the hot tub control panel as the “dashboard” of your hot tub. This is the place where you’ll customize your massage, your temperature, and your hot tub’s filtration cycles. With a good system, you have complete control – you can create your hot tub experience exactly as you like it.


Buying a Hot Tub: Before You Buy

What Do I Need to Consider Before Buying a Hot Tub?

buying a hot tub - hot tub checklist

We recommend “wet testing” a hot tub before you buy one, that is, immerse yourself in a working demonstration model! Many Jacuzzi® hot tub dealers have a hot tub on site specifically for this purpose.


Buying a Hot Tub: Hot Tub Controls

How is the Hot Tub Water Temperature Controlled?

Most quality hot tubs have sophisticated digital thermostatic-controlled electronic systems: in other words, high tech systems that keep the water within one degree of the temperature you select. Of course, this control system is important for your comfort. It’s even more crucial for safety—particularly if you have children who will be using the hot tub.


Buying a Hot Tub: Hot Tub Prices

What is the Relationship Between Cost and Value?

Jacuzzi hot tub

Hot tub prices vary for many reasons. Like all engineered products, they correspond to features, materials used and overall craftsmanship. As with any other purchase, buying a hot tub is about value. What’s important is that you buy a hot tub that meets your personal needs and desires, and one that is well built, reliable, and well equipped for the money you spend. It’s about getting the finest, most enjoyable product relative to your investment.

Buying a Hot Tub: Hot Tub Warranties

Quality Comes With a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Warranty

Though a critically important aspect of a hot tub purchase, hot tub warranties are often over-looked. A hot tub is a major investment so you should make certain that your investment is well protected during its lifetime.


Shopping for a Hot Tub?

Tips on Buying a Hot Tub

hot tub shopping tips

Perhaps it was the hydromassage you enjoyed in a hot tub at a vacation resort. Or maybe you were at friends’, enjoying a bubbly get-together in their backyard hot tub. Wherever it was, you knew you wanted a hot tub of your own, so you could take pleasure in the relaxation and restorative benefits anytime you choose.

So now that you are ready to shop for a hot tub and want to know where to begin.

We asked our Facebook and Twitter followers:
What do you look for when hot tub shopping?

The results:

  • Reputable hot tub manufacturer 67%
  • Warranty 22%
  • Spa size and seating 11%

The obvious, quality and reliability, should be among your primary considerations.

Here are some tips on what to look for when hot tub shopping.


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