Jacuzzi® J-365™ Big Spa Featured on Let’s Make A Deal

big hot tubs

Who wants to make a deal?

You may recognize this familiar saying from the popular game show, Let’s Make a Deal. Today’s version of the show is based around deals offered to audience members by host Wayne Brady. Each show ends with the Big Deal of the Day. The Big Deal involves three doors, famously known as “Door #1″, “Door #2″, and “Door #3″. Each door contains a prize package which is usually more than the top prize offered up to that point in the show!

Last week, lucky contestant Tiffany, was selected by Brady for a shot at The Big Deal of the Day. Tiffany was given an unknown prize by Brady and then quickly offered a chance at the Big Deal of the Day. Both nervous and excited, Tiffany gave up her unknown prize for the Big Deal behind Door #3. Behind Door #3 was a Jacuzzi® J-365™ big hot tub! big hot tubsTiffany began jumping up and down when she saw the big spa. She then learned she not only won a big hot tub, she also won the valuable prizes behind Door #1 (a Sea-Doo personal water craft) and Door #2 (a pool table)!

Congrats Tiffany! That’s a huge deal!

Throughout the season, a Jacuzzi® J-365™ big hot tubs will be featured as the Big Deal of the Day behind Door #1, #2 or #3. Several lucky contestants have luxe relaxing in big hot tubs in store for them!

To learn more about Jacuzzi® J-365™ big spas, visit the J-300™ Signature Collection.