Best Hot Tub Picks for 2010 Include Jacuzzi® J-470™ Model

Best Hot Tub Pick: J-470Best Hot Tub – We are pleased to announce that our J-470 model hot tub has been named a best hot tub pick in’s list of the “Top 10 Hot Tub Spa Picks for 2010.”

Like all of our Jacuzzi J-400 Collection hot tubs, the J-470 includes a variety of the best hot tub features and options. The J-470 comfortably seats 6-7 adults in a variety of depths with molded seats to support the body, and adjustable pillow headrests that move up and down to accommodate different body heights.

At night, colored lights glowing from the waterfalls and from new underwater lights add to the peaceful feeling. The J-470 features highly-effective neck jets and  Jacuzzi PowerPro™ FX2 Spinner jets; every seat is designed for easy access to the invigorating foot jets. noted that “The J-470 hot tub takes stylish design to a new level. State of the art features and the Jacuzzi name make this a great spa for 2010.”

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs was also named by Best of Class in the Hot Tub Innovations category. Awards were based on a variety of factors including product inspections, phone interviews, and detailed consumer input from more than 5,000 consumers through the use of a third-party consumer survey company.

“We are honored that has chosen the J-470 as a best hot tub pick, recognizing the high-quality features that the J-470 offers over other hot tubs,” said Sr. Product Manager, Larry Ovalle. “In creating the J-400 Collection, our designers and engineers were inspired to rethink traditional hot tub design in terms of innovation, features, and performance.”

Well, awards are nice and they give us reason to brag once in a while, but what matters most is what Jacuzzi hot tub owners think. The J-470 has been a very popular model for a number of years. Here’s what one owner had to say about her J-470 (and check out the backyard installation!).

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