The Best Hot Tubs of the Jacuzzi® Line-Up: The J-400™

Designer Collection

Let’s face it, most men love high-tech toys, beautifully designed machines, cool status symbols that exude magnificence. My husband is no exception; he has almost as many “toys” as our daughter. Just like her, his face lights up when he tinkers with his entertainment equipment, techno-toys, and cutting-edge gadgets.

Father’s Day is this weekend, a time when many women will search and search for the ultimate present for the best dad. The best dad deserves the best gift. Enter the J-400™ Designer Collection, offering some of the best hot tubs in the Jacuzzi® line-up. Picture this … dad lounging in a luxurious spa that’s completely tricked out with an advanced control system featuring a full-color LCD monitor, an audio system with a customized playlist, high-performance jets for the perfect massage, and advanced seat design including a deluxe lounger.

When setting out to offer top-of-the-line features, Jacuzzi® spa J-400™ Collection designers and engineers considered innovation, features, and performance – necessary items to please cutting edge gadget enthusiasts, … my husband, your husband, your dad.

Happy Father’s Day!