Backyard Home Improvement TV Show Creates “Gentleman’s Ranch”

Starting with “dirt and dust and a half-acre,” Extra Yardage host Billy Derian and company helped homeowner Anthony Casella do a backyard makeover that resulted in an elegant and expansive Gentleman’s Ranch, complete with a Jacuzzi® J-280™ affordable hot tub. Extra Yardage is the go-to destination for rip-up, knock-out home improvement television on the DIY Network, from the makers of HGTV and Food Network.

The spa set-up began with construction of a simple wooden form. After that, pavers were laid to create a patio for the J-280™ spa, which seats up to seven adults. The TV cameras show the crew from Jacuzzi® dealer Lifestyle Spas, Inc. of Van Nuys, CA, delivering and unloading the spa as part of the total backyard makeover.

“Our hot tub packs 44 jets and it’s gonna take some serious muscle to place it in the yard,” says Derian. As several men carefully place the spa into its setting, you can see the enthusiasm written all over Anthony’s face. Once the spa is set into place, the cheers go up. “This is a quality piece of furniture right here,” Derian says.

That is so true. The J-280™ model provided by Jacuzzi® for the backyard makeover features glamorous Silver Pearl acrylic and rich, Roasted Chestnut cabinetry. The spa has a backlit waterfall, four pillow headrests, cup holders, a footwell with jets and Jacuzzi® jet-driven therapy seating. The J-280™ fits into the backyard home improvement theme perfectly, sitting alongside a landscaped pond built into the backyard makeover.

We really want to thank Jeff Claypool and the crew from Lifestyle Spas, our Van Nuys hot tub dealer for all of their efforts in delivering and setting up the new J-280™ spa. As Billy Derian said, it took “good design, amazing materials and hard work” to turn this weed-filled backyard into a Gentleman’s Ranch. Jacuzzi® was happy to be a part of this great backyard makeover.