Taking it Easy With a Hot Tub

backyard hot tub

Backyards, decks and patios — much of it is about relaxing, which is why hot tubs fit in so well. Let’s assume that you’re just thinking about adding a hot tub, here are some tips.

Start with the basics:

Don’t just think about summer; plan on using your hot tub throughout the year. Plant seasonal flowers, move furniture, or add a spa umbrella when the seasons change. Of course, in some climates, flowers and winter just don’t go together. If that’s the case, consider plants in containers that can be moved as an alternative. Also, keep in mind that even bare branches can add beauty to a winter landscape, and could enhance the night if strung with tiny white lights! Or, consider integrating other items, such as rocks, fountains, and statues.

Backyards for beginners.

If you didn’t grow up gardening, or feel that you just don’t have a green thumb, you may be intimidated by the idea of taking care of a yard, not to mention planning how it’s going to look.

Getting started.

Plan for or around the hardscape — masonry work, woodwork, patios, decks, wooden arbors, that is anything permanent or built-in. (Plants, shrubs, lawn are considered softscape). A hot tub should be thought of as hardscape, especially if you’re planning to surround it with decking.

Most backyards are organized by a few strong elements, like a green grassy lawn, rows of hedges, a patio or deck for entertaining. Start with these dominant features, and also decide how you will get to and from different areas. Then fill in the blanks with seasonal plants, furniture, and so on!

Need a hot tub landscaping idea? Don’t be afraid to copy what you like. Flip through some backyard magazines for ideas. Or, get inspired by our video of real-life Jacuzzi® hot tub installations. However you go about it, when you see something you like, consider adapting the idea for your backyard.

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