Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs are easy to take care of, including all the small parts you may not think of on a weekly basis. Water maintenance, in particular the CLEARRAY® System, is a perfect example. Here’s what you need to know about this water care system and how to keep it operating at peak performance:

What is CLEARRAY®?

The CLEARRAY® System uses exclusive UV-C technology to neutralize 99.9% of waterborne pathogens that you cannot see so your water will be fresh and clean, without the uses of gasses.


Which Hot Tubs Models Include CLEARRAY®?

The CLEARRAY® System has been standard on all Jacuzzi® Hot Tub models since 2012, but can be retrofitted to 2006 models. You can easily add this to your older model with a CLEARRAY® aftermarket kit.

How Often Should the Bulb Be Replaced?

The bulb, the most important part of the CLEARRAY® System, lasts quite a bit longer than you’d think. Engineered for efficiency, this small tube just needs to be changed every 12 months to maintain optimal performance. (Remember not to touch the bulbs with your bare hands when swapping them out).

You can purchase the bulb at your local dealership, or online here.

What Else Can I Do to Keep Water Clear?

If you really want crystalline, odor-free, and silky smooth water, use the ProClear®Spa Sanitizer in tandem with the CLEARRAY® System. Using trace elements of silver, it kills more bacteria than chlorine alone and “softens” your water.

To learn more, check out this video on water maintenance.