Write a Sub-Headline that Validates Your Offer

This is the opening paragraph. It should contain about 3-5 lines and is very important since it needs to catch the attention of the reader. Typically questions of who, what, when, where and why about your offer are answered here. Keep it short and highlight what your product is all about.

  • Write a primary feature about your product
  • Write a secondary feature about your product
  • Write a tertiary feature about your product

Write a Secondary Subhead Example right here

The following paragraphs go into depth about your product or offer. Give more details of the key features that deliver on your product’s benefits. Keep in mind that you are writing to your customer’s needs and wants; and not your own. Break out your information- informative and written with facts, statistics and information that is credible. Be authentic and write article with clarity.

Tip: Include photography, videos, and other types of multi-media to reinforce and build credibility of your product.

One more thing: it can be helpful to reiterate your Product Offer and Price again at the bottom of the page.